Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pregnant at 45!


 And we are currently at 26 weeks now. Me and the baby are both doing good. Praise God!

I never thought that I will someday write about my pregnancy here in this blog, well, after praying and waiting for 12 years, who would have thought it could still be possible right?

Photo not mine

But our God is God of impossible. Nothing is too hard for HIM! Because you read it right my dearest friends. I am pregnant for the very first time at 45 years old, conceived naturally.

We did not know we were pregnant, I never had morning sickness, nor any signs except for missed period which is a regular occurrence for me since I was diagnosed with PCOS.

How did I figure it out?

Well, last September (first week) I had frequent heartburn to the point that I couldn’t sleep properly at night. Research I made (a.k.a  googling)  said it could also be signs of pregnancy. After knowing that, I was already restless, it’s as if somebody is whispering to me to go buy a pregnancy test.

The night of September 13, I bought two pregnancy test, that night on my first try, it gave me 2 pink lines! I can’t believe it. I almost did not sleep but I kept it to myself. The morning after,  I tried again and there it was! My 2 pink lines.  I woke up my still sleeping husband (whose birthday is on that day!) and showed him the two pregnancy tests. His first reaction was “is that yours?”  we then both laugh!

We decided to go to OB/sonologist for an ultrasound early that morning.  There inside that tiny room, we both cried when they confirmed to us that we are pregnant and that we are already 21 weeks and 1 day!!! Imagine that! I whispered a prayer and thanked our GOD for keeping us safe despite of not having prenatal check up for the first 20 weeks.

God is amazing! And He does amazing things to His children. I know it is not a reward because who are we to be given that reward? It was not because we are faithful or good but it is solely because GOD is FAITHFUL and HE is so GOOD!

After the very huge storm in our married life last year, He has given us this special gift. Our heart is full and we are forever grateful.

To GOD be the GLORY!