Monday, July 23, 2018

I lost weight finally!

I started changing my way of eating February of this month, because I was tried of being so heavy and wearing plus size clothes. I wanted to look and feel good. I wanted to be able to buy clothes without even worrying if there is a size that will fit me.

So here am I now, 30 pounds lighter after 6 months :)

Picture at the left was march 2017, I think it was one of my biggest state :) maybe more than 188 lbs. I only weighed my self last February and my initial weight was 188.84. Picture at right was taken last Saturday, July 21, 2018- current weight is 154 lbs. So happy! I need to lose more because of my recent medical findings when we had the Annual Physical Examination (APE) at the office. It is still a long way to go but I celebrating my moving from OBESITY to overweight! Yey!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Campfire Burgers and more

Address : 23, Scout Limbaga Ext, Quezon City, Metro Manila

We chance upon this cute burger house one Saturday last December when I attended a business workshop near that area. The look is inviting so we tried :) 

 our burgers!

This is for the husband, he ordered "double decker". You can refer to the menu below for what's in there :)

And that burger with fries is mine :0 This is their "double decker". I enjoyed my burger, hubs said he still prefers our favorite "Blazing burger" which is a stone throw away from our house.

Here is a copy of their magnificent 7 menu. 

if you are near the area, go on and try this place, it won't probably hurt your budget and besides the ambiance is nice! I wish to go back also and try their other burgers :)

happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

One word for 2018

Last year, my one word was SURRENDER and indeed God made sure I will surrender everything to HIM. Total surrender.

Let's see this year, but yes, I will move more-physically and spiritually.

Happy new year everyone!!