Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First time

In the Emergency Room of Makati Medical Center. Thankfully, it is not that bad. I was discharged 4 hours later.

It happened last Saturday, February 11. Severe headache and nausea. I can't even get up from the bed that morning, I was scared I might fall if I tried to do so. Sad thing is, I was alone in the house with my toddler nephew. Praise God for mobile internet and facebook messenger. I was able to send messages and it reached my husband. He came home rushing and we immediately went to the ER. 

Also, I am praising God of our emergency card (provided by our office) it was a BIG help. I paid nothing. Thank you Lord talaga.

Now, the verdict is "Migraine Headache". I was advised by the doctor to rest for a few days and then to consult with Neurologist. I didn't know migraine can be that bad.

My husband took this picture and posted it on Facebook with  a caption " This is our date" :)

He was probably thinking we  did not go out for a dinner on my birthday which was last February 8 and Valentines day is coming also :) so yes, that was a date for him.

But wait, just today, we had lunch together at our favorite neighbor restaurant. It was a quick lunch but I considered it a date (at least not in the hospital bed) 

Here we are celebrating life and love after that scary trip to ER.

Now this photo is a lot better di ba?

Hope you are all feeling better my friends! Take care and belated happy hearts day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finally an update

Yay! it's  actually end of the month and only my 2nd post.  Thankful that I am was able to squeeze it today.

I don't know how I am going to rate my January because there is one major heartache happened to our family.

My mothers youngest sister aged 63 years old went home with the Lord last January 16.  It was so sudden, and we were all sad. I immediately went home to be with my Nanay, we went straight to my Aunt's house which is one and a half hour away from our house in the province. My Aunt who permanently resides in the US went home also and it was a very sad reunion for them. 

The good thing with a death in the family ( yes we have to find good even in the worst situation) is that we get to see almost all of our relatives and somehow it eases the pain. It was also at this time that they started to plan for a yearly family reunion. Looking forward to our first ever family reunion this December, another reason to be excited for the holidays.

the sisters (My Mom in the middle)

Our Uber operations (naks!) meaning hubs source of living was affected for two weeks because of this, but that's ok. My principle always is that "family comes first" and "we can never out give God". We lost some income but I am hopeful we can recover in due time.

Work is even crazier than last year, I was given more loads this year. I actually declined the job offer but my boss did not accept it. So for now, I am learning new things, trying my best and surviving. Thank God. :)

We have also started the work for the annual youth mission camp this year, this work makes me excited and happy. I am amazed at how creative our youth officers are. This year will be another major experience for our camp attendees and I'm sure they are in for a big surprise.

well, that's it for now. I have yet to post our new years picture in Baguio, l hope I can make another post before my birthday this February :)

have a good day everyone! God bless you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My one word for 2017

Just to remind me that whatever happens I have to surrender everything to the all knowing God who created me and has given me my life. Happy new year everyone!