Thursday, December 29, 2016

Counting our blessings!

It's year end, actually it's the last week of the year, last Thursday and finally last working day for  2016. Isn't it great to end this year with a thankful instead of a complaining heart?

Count your blessings, yes, name them one by one if you can, it will help you have a more brighter perspective, a  more thankful heart and a more positive outlook in life.

This year, me and my husband received a lot of blessings much more than we deserved. Though there has been plenty of tough times too, I would still say, the blessings outweigh the testings and trials.

So this  is a thank you post. I want to say thank you Lord ;

1. For our very first new car. It never crossed my mind that it will be granted to us this year, but the Lord has His ways of surprising us di ba?

2. For hubby's new job as Uber driver. It is not as stressful as his old job was and the liberty of time it gave him is priceless.

3. For the  increase on my pay. Although this came with responsibilities, it is still a promotion on my part and I consider it a big blessing. For all the opportunities to earn extra  (event organizing, balloon decors, t-shirt printing)

4. For hubby's two trips abroad (Macau & Singapore) both free. It's not everyday that someone takes you to travel with them and give you free accommodation in a five star hotel! that is once in a lifetime experience. Plus he was paid extra for that.

5. For our Boracay trip last September. Our first time in Boracay, we both enjoyed our 3 days trip.

enjoying the sand and sun in Boracay

6. For new nephew and niece in the family (one from a very close cousin who gave birth last October and from my Sis in Law (hubby's side) who gave birth January this year. Babies are special blessings.

7. For my girls (Maru,Camille and Christel) who stood by our side, through thick and thin. They are young and yet matured enough both emotional and spiritual. I love these girls. Thankful also for friends, I realized I have few friends but the kind of friendship we have are for keeps, some of them has been friend of mine since grade school.

8. For my immediate family, they keep me going, they are my inspiration, my nieces and nephews are my gems. For my Nanay - I am more than grateful that despite the deterioration of her memory, she is still with us and somehow keeps us family together.
with my sisters and our Nanay taken last Christmas day 12-25-16

9. For my spiritual family- for our Pastor/Ninong & Ninang who fervently pray for us, who loves us unconditionally, thank you Lord for their life.

10. For our good health- thankful that we never had a trip to hospital, nor we had to consult a doctor for any kind of illness. Indeed thank you so much Lord. Health is wealth.

I'll end with 10 but that doesn't mean it's over. I have so many blessings to count and to be thankful for.

I am sure you are too. We all have plenty of reason to be thankful this year end, after all God has been good to all of us right? Go ahead, right it down, count your blessings, count them one by one!

Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's 5 days before Christmas!!!

December is normally extremely busy month for me, but this year it doubled as I was also in charge with our office Christmas party and other Christmas activities which was all new to me, thus the lack of posts. Sigh.

And we also had few booking for our  balloon decors service which is good in my part :) because that means extra income!

 Finally, I have time to update, this week is a lot less busier except for the never ending meetings at the office but still not as toxic as before. 

I think hubs has slowly adjusted to his new routine (uber driver). Driving from Mondays to Thursdays, Fridays and weekends are his rest days. 

We are spending Christmas in our home town, it has been years since we spent Christmas there, now that Nanay refuses to go here in Manila, we will be going home to her instead. It will also be nice to see old  friends on holidays.

So how's your December? Are you all set for Christmas? 

Me? I'm still buying gifts for my nieces and nephews :) Christmas rush. :D