Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Sorry for not blogging for a month. August has become so far the busiest month for me (work and other personal activities). I've been working even on Saturdays.

I missed blogging, I am trying to figure how I can blog through my mini Ipad because I find it more convenient, I think I'm getting old really, these gadgets are sometimes the cause of my headache eh :)

Anyways, August have been good to us, I had one event,  It was a masquerade 18th birthday party. I will make a separate blog post about it later. I was happy with decors :)

September is exciting as this is my husband's birthday month. And as early as now, he has his birthday gift already :)

Thank you for still visiting this postless blog of mine. 

Stay happy!


  1. I'm glad all is well with you. I was thinking about you yesterday. I tend to do that with friends that I've not heard from in a while.

    September is hubby an my birthday month too. His was yesterday and mine is Thursday.

    have a terrific and blessed day my friend. ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Sandee!! belated birthday greetings to your husband. I'll be blogging regularly again and finally will have time to visit friend's blog as well.

      Have a very nice day!


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