Thursday, June 23, 2016

JHOW 4th Family Reunion

JHOW -Jesus the Heart of Worship Global Ministries, Inc. That is how we abbreviate the name of our church and last June 12was our 4th Anniversary but instead of the term anniversary, we used Family Reunion. I think it is more apt and better as we treat each one as family. :) We value relationship and that is what we want to pass on to our younger generation. We were blessed with a professional photographer thus we have very nice photos!  

 There  was a cultural presentation from some of the outreaches

and there were games too!!

But these moments are most precious to me...

Tambourine dancers

and of course the music team! my husband lead us in worship that day :)
flag bearers

It was such a very happy day  and we are all excited for next year's celebration!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunday. Father's day

A post from my facebook page :)


"We don't have biological children (yet) but this bunch of kids spent the rest of the day (Father's day) with us yesterday. That meant a lot for us and I guess that speaks a lot of our relationship with our youth :) They are a blessing! Wish Cams and Bonna were there also."

I still miss my Dad though...