Monday, May 16, 2016

House Update

Actually, “lot update”  as  there is still no house in our tiny lot but declaring by faith that someday soon our dream house will rise up there. So I was actually looking for some interior designs including flooring (which brought me to Philadelphia epoxy flooring), wall designs and paint colors. Oh how exciting it is to build your own house, choose your designs and all those things you want but the thing is we still do not have the budget.

We are still paying for the tiny lot, we are now on our 4th year. Yey! The developer said we can actually build now as we are done with the 20% payment , how I wish we could do it now but we still have to wait and save and save and save.

Honestly, there were times (often times) that I thought of giving it up, you know sell the lot and use the money to repair my parent’s old house in the province, sometimes I get tired of that monthly pay that eats up a lot of our monthly salary. BUT I remind myself, that this is investment (true, because price of lot in that area has gone up since we acquired ours) and that this is where we will spend our retirement years, that this is where we will make more memories as husband and wife. So yeah, I am sticking to the plan, pay the lot, save up for the house.

Only if money is not an issue, I’ll start building now. I will choose minimalist design, a small garden, a trellis on the veranda, a very nice kitchen, a white toilet and bath with bath tub. It is nice to imagine all the things that you want no? I just hope that imagining will keep me and my husband inspired so we can really save up and eventually see that thought in reality.

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  1. Hubby and I did this and now we are retired and living in our home. It's worth the wait and the saving. I know you know that.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥♥♥


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