Friday, August 28, 2015

Health issues

With all the stress I am getting at work now (plus other stressors) I hope I can have at least a once a week whole body massage. I wish I could get Columbus chiropractic services because they do not only offer body massage they do massage therapies and they deal with other health concerns as well. I love a head massage when I have headache and to get it on professional, I think that’s so relieving. To this day, health is number one priority for me and the husband, we cannot afford to get sick because that would mean additional financial burden and I don’t want that now. 

And the fact that we are not getting any younger now, we really need to take care of our health, we’re loading up on vitamins supplements and I am hitting the bed earlier than usual, I now feel the need of a complete hours of sleep, well unlike before, 4 to 5 hours of sleep and I’m good to go. 

My motto as of this moment is “prevention is better than cure”. Thank God that I haven’t had serious illness for my 42 years of existence, was never confined in the hospital, except for some trips to emergency room mostly due to ear infection or Urinary Tract Infection. 

My main concern now is the absence of physical activities, I wanted to at least do some walking two or three times a week and I hope I can start again sooner. All I do in the office is sit and type in the computer, walk one floor up during lunch and that’s it. I need to motivate myself strong/hard enough to start this walking activity. Husband has started basketball activity with some of our officemates, he needed that too because all the comments we get now a days are “you’re both getting bigger” hehehe. Although I think it’s only him who is getting bigger :) 

Anywyas, we should all put importance in our health and take good care of our bodies, nobody will do that for you except you yourself right? Have a happy healthy weekend everyone!

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  1. I'll be 64 in about a week and health is a huge issue for us too. We are active and you have to be. You need to keep your weight in check and eat well. Lots of rest and lots of activity. You are both on the right track.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥


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