Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Food Trip in KL, Malaysia

 Bad thing though, I forgot what they call these :) But they are all delicious and surprisingly cheap.

This is beside the hotel where we stayed, food is a lot cheaper and so many varieties. Lots of green vegies!

 and fruit drinks too! This is watermelon smoothie, we were laughing so hard because of the husband

This one was at the central market food court, I have salted chicken with bokchoy 
and we had Mcdonalds at the airport :( not so happy about this but not really bad though.

Friday, July 24, 2015

American/Winter dream

Still on the top of my wish/dream list (whatever you call it) is to set foot on American soil someday soon. The number one reason is to visit our very good friend (who is like a sister to me) who now resides in Florida, also I have some cousins to visit in Chicago and I hope to meet Sandee too of course!

If ever, am planning to visit on winter time. We want to experience winter at some point of our life..hahaha!! I know it’s shallow but we want to see and feel snow :)

As a matter of fact, I get excited just looking at this website. They have various winter products and I am quite stunned. Battery heated clothing? Battery heated socks?

I wonder how it feels to wear them.

But sorry, just as much as I want them, it is only for experience. I don’t think I’ll want to live or settle in cold and freezing country, I think tropical climate is still best for me.

I know someday this dream will happen. I will look back at this post and smile and give thanks to the Lord who makes all things possible in His time.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kuala Lumpur Trip

yes, we're back from our trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it's our first time there and we enjoyed the food and the people. We attended a  conference for three days and we had a day city tour. It was an experience I will never forget :)

I am grateful that we are given the chance to come to this conference.Grateful for the provision and for the people we met.

Here are some of our pictures. Enjoy!

@ Malaysia Tourism Council, besides the Cocoa boutique/factory.

This was at the Indepence Square

Making funny faces at the King's Palace

Hotel lobby-tired and yet happy

With us is the founder of "The Fellowship International" Pastor Don Leavell from Corpus Christi, Texas

Some of  the TFI delegated from the Philippines

At the conference venue, it's huge! more or less 2000 people, 20 nations represented.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Study hard please

This goes to all my nephews and nieces. Please study hard.

Got this picture from facebook and I know this was meant to be a joke or a funny post but I thought otherwise  because I know very well that for some it is very hard to get an Education. It is supposed to be a RIGHT but it has now become a privilege.My heart goes out to those who are poor but deserving students- the reason why "Scholarship" has become one of my advocacy.

Fishnets ministry, the one I work with started with only one scholar years ago but praise God, now, we have 9 full college scholars. We've had 5 graduates already and are now working, earning a living and are helping their families. Education is such a powerful tool to eradicate poverty right?

Monday, July 13, 2015


And it is almost middle of the month and I'm only on my first post. I know things have been quite busy but I guess that is not an excuse for me not to blog.

Anyways, here's random pictures of us of where we've been and what are we doing for the past weeks.


We were in Tagaytay last July  4 (Saturday), it was rainy but it's ok, we were able to check this beautiful garden that is perfectly fir for the wedding of a young couple who are very dear to us.  I am working on two weddings now and I sooo love it!.

And because we were in Tagaytay and it is cold and raining, Bulalo for dinner  is a must!


The next morning, we were out again early because we have a birthday event where we made balloon decors. Thank you Lord for the extra income :)

and then..that same evening we went to CITY OF DREAMS MANILA..

The boss gave us a  voucher in one of the restaurants there and we wanted to experience City of dreams, it's a hotel and casino and without that voucher we know we will never go there, it's an expensive place :) So thanks to the boss.

Last week was also a busy week inspite of the heavy rain brought about by two typhoons. It's indeed wet season here now.

My dear husband went for a recording Friday night (July 10), he tagged me along  :) It's been a while since I went with him in the  recording studio and it's a joy to see him do what he loved to do, play guitar, sing and make music. It reminded me of his ultimate dream of having his own studio someday, speakers, mixers, instrument and gadgets and even these mid atlantic racks, I just hope and pray we will be able to have that in our home soon.  

This week...guess what? we are traveling!!! yey! finally, we are going out of town after four years. We are going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday till Monday. We are attending an International  prayer/revival conference and of course we are doing some sight seeing too. I am excited!!

July is an exciting month for us and I do hope you are having the best time also. God bless everyone!