Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day Dreaming

of deep blue water
of waves splashing on my face
of sands on my feet

of shades..
of big fedoras..
of flip flops

of crabs and shrimps
of smoothies
of watermelons

of sunset
and sunrise

surrounded by the people I love most


Honestly, am quite sad (ok really sad) that summer will soon be over and I did not even have a summer get away. And I was thinking that summers have been like this for several years now, it dawned on me that I am regularly going on a beach not on summer time because my summer is full of church/ministry activities. Not that I think it is bad but hey sometimes you need time for your self right? So I decided next summer will be different and I am gonna make sure that I will not daydream anymore.

would it be so bad to wish that I am at that photo right at this very moment ?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Stay away

If you want a happy life, surround your self with happy people :) Have a happy weekend everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lot update and Kitchen inspiration

Next month would be our last check payment for the zero interest down payment of our lot. July will be the start of our monthly mortgage which means we will be paying a bit higher than the monthly down payment. That means we need extra income to cover that amount. :) I don't want to be negative and stress myself of the need because I know we will get by and sooner our dream house will become reality. Slowly and in perfect timing.

Rather than stressing, I choose to inspire my self with lots and lots of house and home designs in the internet, taking notes (though mentally for now) of the designs I want for my own house. Soon, I'll be printing and making mood boars of my kitchen, my living room, my bedroom and the patio.

Here are the few  kitchen designs I've seen and liked. I figure we will not be needing a big kitchen thus am only looking for small kitchen designs with a square dining table like this one;

image source : www.home-designing.com
I so heart this one below because it has plenty of storage. 

image source : http://sweptinc.com

And finally, I think I will have this one someday, dining table with bench. I want exactly the same color.

image source : http://sweptinc.com/dining-room-tables-with-benches/
And if I get tired of the wood color, I can just put linens and choose the color I want, I am sure it won't be hard to Find square tablecloth that suits my mood :)

image source : http://mofur.blogspot.com/2015/03/small-kitchen-table-ideas.html
Sigh. I can't wait to have my own kitchen :) and cook my favorite dishes.

Monday, May 11, 2015

New Earpiece for Mom

My mom is happy because my sisters got her a new hearing aid. A mother's day gift for her. She has been having suffering for hearing loss since the accident and she just can't believe how loud and clear she can hear now. She just need to use it too often so she can get used to it. I think she's not comfortable with the feeling that there is something plug into your ear at all times.

And I understand her very because I myself is not fond of earpiece or headphones too. I easily get irritated with it and the longest I can have those in my ears are 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

The exact opposite of my husband,   he owns 3 or four headphones.Yes, he has headphone extension cable too. I often chide him about it asking how many ears does he have ba to own such :) but he will just smile.

When we travel and he's not in the driver's seat, he always have that, when we're home and he is in front of his laptop working on something he always have that plugged in his ears. I think his being a musician has something do do with it. I remember one Christmas, our gift for our eldest nephews are all headphones :)

Anyways, I am happy for  Mom, I just hope she wear it often. It must be hard not being able to hear clearly.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's day to all the Mommies out there!

Special greetings goes to Sandee. You're like a mom in the blogosphere :) and to Abelle- you are such a strong woman, being mom and dad at the same time for your 2 wonderful kids!

To all the great N@wie Mommies :)

To  my two sisters. Ate Weng & Ate Rina - you both are such a trooper..hahaha!! ang babait ng mga anak ninyo!!

and lastly to my one and only Nanay- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Today I remember

the day I received that phone call that changed my life forever..
the day I came to face the overwhelming pain that numbed me for days..
the day I lost the very first man that loved me fully and wholeheartedly..
the day he breathed his last..

and it does still hurt..
and I still miss him that MUCH..
his text messages, his smiles and jokes
his hugs...

and I still do cry.
even if it has been two years since he left us for good

I miss you so much Tatay!! I love you..Till we meet again in heaven.