Thursday, April 30, 2015

JHOW Worship Camp

We will be out of town again tomorrow till Saturday for another camp. This time, the husband is involved because he is the Worship Director of our church. I am just there to support :) Actually, I was supposed to attend a class reunion (elementary) in our province but they moved the date.II welcomed the change of schedule :)   I am more than happy that I'll be with my husband for the first ever worship camp he is conducting.

I pray you all enjoy your weekend with the people you love!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Forest Wood Garden, San Pablo Laguna

Someone with a very good heart treated us for a different kind of food here in San Pablo, Laguna after the camp. The place is amazing as well as the food because it is grown there and is organic. I never thought I'll enjoy mushrooms but I did and best of it all we picked them up and they cook it in front of us!

From there to the table :) look!

Fried mushrooms ala Calamare :) below is the vinegar sauce which makes it even more mouth watering!

Another signature food from Forest wood is the "Plantsado"  and yes it came from the word "plantsa" or to iron because literally, you have to iron it like this :)
Not the electric iron though but the old school iron where they have to put charcoal inside :) Plantsado is a combination of different root crops. It's delicious I tell you, not only did I enjoyed "ironing" my food but also the taste of it! We had lots of buko juice also! We did not get to taste their "kalabuko" so I think we have to come back for that.

Forest wood Garden also does landscaping that is why they have plenty of ornamental plants in their place. It is very quiet here and very refreshing. I can stay here and read a book the whole day or maybe just sleep the whole day. :)

The owner said that some of their huts were damaged during typhoon Glenda but they are rebuilding new ones.

They offer a lot more, they have man made lake and you can also use their place as camp site. So if you're living on this side or if you are going South, please go and drop by, the owners are both Christians and they are also doing ministries in their area. I'm sure you will love it there! They have facebook page, visit their site for decent pictures and details : forest wood garden

And for more info please contact Joel & Myrna Frago @ 09399387201 / 09399387131.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekend Randomness

My Nanay, my only brother, my sister and her entire family are coming back home tonight from a trip to my Broher in law's home town, province of Aklan.They had an overnight trip to BORACAY and I'm so jealous :( hahaha!! If not for the camp, we would have joined them but  because I have limited "leave of absence" and well, money, we regretfully declined  the invitation. But I am happy for all of them, specially for my Mom-it's her first airplane ride at the age of 75. :) Grateful that she's physically strong enough to travel and enjoy life.


We enjoyed our anniversary dinner in "Vikings" :)  They sang a love song for us and gave this small cake with greetings, normally they would do that for a birthday celebrant but when they learned that it was our anniversary, they happily obliged ;)

With the vikings traditional hat


After almost two years of having housemates (a.k.a in-laws) there's just the two of us again in our small house. It was a relief also, as much as I love having them, I don't think it is healthy for all of us to be living together. I'm just happy that we're good and we are all in good terms.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy 21st of April!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Honestly speaking, it was not all smooth and easy journey, we have had troubles, fights and many challenges but what matters most is that we face them TOGETHER.

We are choosing to be thankful of what we have and not focus on the things we don't have. It makes us more appreciative and happy.

We will have a dinner later tonight in a posh "eat all you can" restaurant, a gift from someone.
Indeed, we are blessed. We have family, we have friends and above all we have our God.

Blessings everyone!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back from the camp!

And that means I am also back to work, sad that I have not much time to rest and recharge and no time either to write a long post about that week long camp, anyways, here are some photos; 

We have 168 youth participants from different churches, 200 plus total including the staff. Such a big group. 

 This tent has been our home for 5 days :)
With Rachel, my niece who joined the camp for the first time. She had a great time!

 My husband did a lot at the camp, beside leading the worship most of the time, he also printed 200 plus shirts and helped us  in facilitating the games. I am one blessed wife :)

 With two of  our cutest camp staff :)

 part of the games

But here's what I love about the camp. The love, the acceptance, the healing and restoration.  
To God be all the glory!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Holy Week Vacation 2015

Tonight or early tomorrow morning, we're driving home for a short vacation. Everyone is already in the vacation mood, because for us Filipinos, holy week also means vacation. Though it is a religious holiday, we often take this opportunity to spend time with the family while reflecting about the CROSS and JESUS.

I could have opted not to go home in the province because up to now, I am still in neck deep of works and stuff to do for the upcoming Youth Camp on April 7-10. But I think I need this so I can recharge and be even more ready for the event. Plus I am missing home and Nanay so much already.

I remember the last holy week vacation we spent with Tatay, he was already very sick that time but he was so happy that all of us are at home and spending time with him specially his grand kids.

This year will slightly be different but I am sure he'll be smiling from heaven if he sees us happy and enjoying

On a not so happy news:

There is a typhoon coming to the Philippines this week, this will be first time to me as I have never had experience a typhoon during summer season here. But weather bureau already categorized it as super typhoon :(  Yes, we need rain (water) here but we don't need that strong winds. The sad news is that, it will affect our camp next week. That alone is bringing me a lot of stress, imagine 150 plus youth sleeping in tents-soaked in rain. I don't even want to think about it. Look how big and scary it is

If you are one who prays, can you include this major weather disturbance in your prayers and us please? Thanks!

If you are also going on a vacation- I hope and pray you'll have good time :) Blessings everyone!