Thursday, March 26, 2015

18th Birthday photos

The preparation for this birthday celebration took me a lot of time because Mharu (celebrant) is one special girl. All efforts paid off as we saw how happy she was with the outcome :)

Enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed everything in the party :)

That is our centerpiece-I made them myself :) I wrap a burlap cloth around the the recycled jars, put some lace and twines, bought a nice but inexpensive flowers and tada! Actually I wanted this kind of centerpiece (pic below) but the slab of wood didn't make it, I used paper doily instead.
Our guest table
The dessert section (without the desserts yet)  That twigs with flowers are also DIY by yours truly. And that ferris wheel cupcake holder is a star!

Would you believe we made all those paper decors? Spent a lot of nights folding and pasting them :)
The celebrant in the middle with her friends
part of the 18 roses
part of the 18 candles
The venue
The photos from the official photographe are more better but I don't have copies yet, but even with these not official photos. I am over all satisfied with all that labor we did for this event.

Four days after this party, I coordinated and a Christian wedding which I also got good reviews :) not to mention an extra pay..haha! so yes, March is a busy month but it was also blessed.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Silly Sunday : Teachers Contract 1923

Joining this week as I found this fit for this. Go over  Sandee's blog for more funny stories :)


photo from facebook

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy and busy bee!

Even if this month becomes one of our busiest month so far..we are having fun and enjoying..

 Our very dear friends from Florida, USA are here visiting and we've spent the weekend over at their place

 The kids are having fun too!
Be blessed everyone and enjoy the rest of the week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Working hard for our future home

 Posted this on my facebook page yesterday.

Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectations -Andrew Murray

I told a friend, I posted it to motivate my self  to even work harder for our dream home, for our future permanent address. You see, I worry a bit because the payment for "no interest down payment" will end up this June, which means come July we will now be paying a bit higher.

And I know, we will be needing extra income to cover that. Thus, am back to online selling, now I do sell party stuff and maybe I'll sell more items soon like this gold cross here.

Hubs said we can do it. I love his positive attitude, his cheerful disposition, it encourages me more.

This morning,  I saw this image in my news feed, and I know it was meant for me, God is assuring me that He will provide.

God is good.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Birthday Preps

I've been busy doing these stuff for a special girl's birthday, you see, here in the Philippines, a girl's 18th birthday is a big thing and we try to celebrate it in a very special way. It is when a young girl becomes adult and legal :)
invitation card

invitation's envelope :) so shabby!  

Paper medallions that we will use as our stage backdrop
Our theme is shabby chic and we are doing it all by ourselves. Can't wait for the party. I am as excited as the celebrant. haha!