Wednesday, February 11, 2015

East Coast and Virginia Beach in mind

You know I also dream of visiting other beaches around the world other than the beautiful beaches here in the Philippines :) and because I know someday I’ll be able to visit the United States of America (that is one major positive thought!) and spend time with my friends and cousins there, when that day comes I hope I’ll have enough time to explore some beach. Wow! Beach bumming in America :) haha! 

I heard there are plenty of nice beach in the East Coast.

North Carolina is on the top of my list being a fan of Nicholas Sparks here. I’ve come to love North Carolina because of his books. A plus that I have a  friend who lives there (Hi Liz!). It would also be nice to visit nearby states. Florida is probably where we'll stay because our very good friends Jerlyn and Lester lives there, the very reason why I want it so much  to visit US of A. I know, it's far from being a reality for now but we can wait, few years or more. Maybe 2016 or 2017, who knows?

Anyways, dreaming continues :) 

I also wish we can visit one of those popular resort cities n the East Coast. Virginia beach for one. In fact, I've already bookmarked the best site for deals on hotels in Virginia Beach - . At least, it will come handy when I need it. Probably be looking out for the cheapest one so better to have one and I know that site can help.

I'm positive this will happen in the near future. I am not and will not give up on that dream :)


  1. Dreams are a good thing Rocks. You'll make it. There are beaches on both coasts that are awesome. You'll have a great time I'm sure.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you! yes I'll take note of the other coast too and surely will remember you and hopefulyy will be able to meet! haha!! who knows right?

  2. I hope you get to conquer your dreams Rocks but give the UK beaches a miss they are awful LOL

    have a beachtastic week :-)

    1. Thank you Steve :) I'll take note of that. Asia have lots of beautiful beaches so I'll conquer that first :D

      You have a great day too!


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