Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pictures from our recent prayer journey

Prayer journey is a ministry of Global Intercessors where they go to provinces all over the nation to pray for the people forthe land, they meet with Pastors and church group to encourage them and to also pray for them.
Prayers for Legazpi City

My dear husband usually leads the worship

We visited this company that is formed with exceptional mission, to be able to bring a significant change in the community and right now they are doing exactly like that. Their products are from coconuts. You can check their website and see how they are doing things differently. :)
A bonus when you go to trips like this is you get to taste local food. Look at these :) They are all so delicious!

The green one is "laing" (vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk) and it is so good! Bicol is known for that recipe.

Me and Jiji (behind us is the gospel bus which was literally our home for 3 days)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Albay Mission Trip

Tonight, my husband and I will be joining  a prayer journey/mission trip to Albay province together with our Pastor and some church co-worker. We took the opportunity since it is holiday tomorrow (Chinese New Year) so we will only be absent on Friday.

This is our first local mission trip for this year. I miss doing this and I'm sure it's the same with Rudolf. He will be leading the worship so we are bringing with us his acoustic guitar, thankfully not the electric one like dean razorback because it is much heavier, and I on the other hand will just be there to support and will be doing whatever task is delegated to me.

Albay province is still in Luzon but travel time is approximately 10 hours by land and we are taking that route. We will be using a missionary bus that was lent to the group by a big city church.

It's exciting. So I'll probably be off the internet 'till Sunday but when I get back I'll have tons of pictures to share.

God bless everyone!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hearts Day

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Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? I honestly think everyday should be love day, don't you think so? oh well, I hope you are enjoying the day with the one you love most!


Thursday, February 12, 2015


Apparently and quietly I turned a year older last Sunday :)

I stayed home the whole day, did not even went to church. But some of the youth whom I am very close to dropped by in the afternoon and gave me a gift and a cake :) so sweet of them.

And that made my day special :) Thank you again my loves!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

East Coast and Virginia Beach in mind

You know I also dream of visiting other beaches around the world other than the beautiful beaches here in the Philippines :) and because I know someday I’ll be able to visit the United States of America (that is one major positive thought!) and spend time with my friends and cousins there, when that day comes I hope I’ll have enough time to explore some beach. Wow! Beach bumming in America :) haha! 

I heard there are plenty of nice beach in the East Coast.

North Carolina is on the top of my list being a fan of Nicholas Sparks here. I’ve come to love North Carolina because of his books. A plus that I have a  friend who lives there (Hi Liz!). It would also be nice to visit nearby states. Florida is probably where we'll stay because our very good friends Jerlyn and Lester lives there, the very reason why I want it so much  to visit US of A. I know, it's far from being a reality for now but we can wait, few years or more. Maybe 2016 or 2017, who knows?

Anyways, dreaming continues :) 

I also wish we can visit one of those popular resort cities n the East Coast. Virginia beach for one. In fact, I've already bookmarked the best site for deals on hotels in Virginia Beach - . At least, it will come handy when I need it. Probably be looking out for the cheapest one so better to have one and I know that site can help.

I'm positive this will happen in the near future. I am not and will not give up on that dream :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We have a cat!!

and announcing it I believe is worth a blog post :) It was just an ordinary stray cat, husband heard it crying on the street near our house, since we discussed about having a pet last week, he picked it up and brought it home. He is so tiny and I think is still a baby. Poor one, left alone in the street.

In our excitement to treat him last night, we forgot to take pictures of his first night in our house. Sad.

Now, we're pet parents :) hehe! We named him Potchie (pot-pot for short). What a funny name for a cat pet right?

Our responsibilities started last night and my husband takes it seriously, he said we should buy cat food and not feed him of human food (as it is the usual practice here especially for stray cats). And I know training him to poo/pee on the right place will not be that easy.

But it's gonna be okay,  coming home to a cute pet every night after a long day at office is somewhat stress relieving. We will enjoy him for sure.

So any tips for a new pet parents?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Because it was the first Sunday of the month last Sunday and we had joint worship service, friends decided to come to our small house after church, we watched movies, we shared stories, we laugh, we cooked and we made memories :)

Five couples minus one husband who is currently abroad plus four kids and what do you expect? It was chaotic but it was full of laughter and fun. To say that we had great time is an understatement.

So blessed to have such good and crazy friends :)