Thursday, January 22, 2015

More long weekends please

Because the Pope visited the Philippines, we had no work from Jan 15-19. They closed some major roads specially those roads where the Pope will pass by thus the need for work cancellation.

I am not practicing Catholic but I very much welcomed the extra holidays. *Insert wide grin here*

So what to do with 5 days? A lot actually. We did not go to vacation but we did ministry work.  I scheduled a meeting and planning  cum rest and recreation with our youth leaders in my friend's house in Cavite last January 15-16.

It was such a relax meeting that lasted till nearly midnight :) The next morning we went for a dip in the pool at their clubhouse.

 My husband was also very busy as he was involved in this worship event.
Sunday afternoon, I had another meeting with another set of youth leaders from different churches in San Pablo, Laguna for our upcoming youth camp.
It felt good to be able to do so many things specially those meetings that has long been overdue. The sad part though is that, those meetings and planning gave me more tasks to do. :( And now I need more "no office days" again to finish them all. hahaha!

Hoping for more long weekends :)


  1. That was a wonderful long weekend with lots of fun activities. Very good. You got to sleep in too. I know how you love to sleep in. You're a night owl.

    Have a blessed day my friend. ♥♥♥

    1. Hahaha!! You're right Sandee :) I got to sleep too.

      Have a blessed day too!

  2. Nice post and this bit made me laugh
    I am not practicing Catholic but I very much welcomed the extra holidays. *Insert wide grin here*

    Have a sleepintastic weekend :-)

    PS: Thanks for your visits ;-)

    1. hahaha!! who does not want those extra days off right? Thank you also for visiting!


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