Friday, January 30, 2015

We mourn for the Fallen 44

We salute you!

May your families find comfort in the hands of our creator
May your sacrifices for the peace of this country not be wasted.
We are thankful and we honor you this day.


For local news about this incident :

Monday, January 26, 2015

Villa Noe Beach Resort @ Cagbalete Island

I don't know why I decided to book here and did not bother to check with other resorts anymore last December, probably because it was the first resort in Cagbalete that I came up to when I did my research (a.k.a google), and according to reviews, it was quite new and that the staff are nice. 

Or maybe because of this signage

Anyways, I did not have any regrets booking here, it was an easy transaction. I message them in facebook, they quickly replied to my queries. I deposited the 50% reservation and send them copy of the deposit slip. They actually extended a promo for us that was about to end December 31 but since we will still be there until the 2nd, they still gave us the one night accommodation for free. So nice di ba?

They only have huts, which are nice specially if you're going summer time. The one we rented cost 1,500.00 (good for 2-4 person) We have a small porch area where you get to eat al fresco :)

Other huts available :)

They have lots of these in front of the beach, but I guess not a lot when  it is crowded during peak season

The caretaker's family is so nice to us, they have few guests that time. They'll cook food for you if you ask them. very welcoming and accommodating.

Visit their facebook page for the rates and contact number :)

I wish to go back come summer time!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

More long weekends please

Because the Pope visited the Philippines, we had no work from Jan 15-19. They closed some major roads specially those roads where the Pope will pass by thus the need for work cancellation.

I am not practicing Catholic but I very much welcomed the extra holidays. *Insert wide grin here*

So what to do with 5 days? A lot actually. We did not go to vacation but we did ministry work.  I scheduled a meeting and planning  cum rest and recreation with our youth leaders in my friend's house in Cavite last January 15-16.

It was such a relax meeting that lasted till nearly midnight :) The next morning we went for a dip in the pool at their clubhouse.

 My husband was also very busy as he was involved in this worship event.
Sunday afternoon, I had another meeting with another set of youth leaders from different churches in San Pablo, Laguna for our upcoming youth camp.
It felt good to be able to do so many things specially those meetings that has long been overdue. The sad part though is that, those meetings and planning gave me more tasks to do. :( And now I need more "no office days" again to finish them all. hahaha!

Hoping for more long weekends :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Year End/New Year at Cagbalete Island

This is where we spent our year end  holidays. It was windy and it rained mostly on afternoons due to typhoon in Visayas but nonetheless, we enjoyed our stay. After all, we were there to rest and rest we did! :)

excuse my "restless now rested" feet

We came from a year end planning and retreat in Tiaong, quezon so that made the trip shorter. We took a bus going to Lucena, which supposedly is only an hour away (but traffic is bad in Sariaya that time). From Lucena Grand Terminal, it's another one hour and half trip in a non aircon bus going to Mauban. From Mauban, one hour boat ride to Cagbalete Island.

BUT since we arrived late in the afternoon in Mauban and the weather is not that good, there were no more boats going to the island, we were told to just spend the night in the town and head to island early morning the next day. We checked in a small hotel (Queen Margaret) and paid 700.00  good  for 12 hours stay-because we only need a place to sleep. So here's a tip - Be in Mauban as early as possible because the public boats' trip schedule is as unpredictable as the storm.

The next morning, we went early at the port, registered  and paid 100.00 for environmental fee, the public boat fare is only 40.00 but we were told that it is not coming.ugh. so we took a private boat and paid 200.00 each. We were with other 4 tourists and 3 boat crew. And yes, there are life jackets.

Thankful that this was not our boat. It's overloaded :(
After an hour or so of crashing waves and lots of screaming from me and the other girl passenger, at last we arrived. We trekked for at least 10-15 minutes more before finally reaching our resort.

They say it's an easy trek during summer and boats can go directly at the resort but not during this time of year
Our resort-will make a separate post about it soon

To have this view in the morning, so peaceful. It is priceless
And I love that there were only 7 guests in the resort. That's is why I love to go to beach during December. It's like you own the whole island :)

Our only food :) plus some eggs and chips.

hindi naman kami mukang nagutom di ba?

spending the rest of my life (anywhere in the world)  with this man  is one of God's best gift ever!
Sometimes I asked my self if it's worth all the effort and the travel time and the money we spent, I say it would have been better if the weather cooperated BUT still worth it. As I have said, I went there to rest, to refresh my mind from last year's clutter and most importantly to have quality time with my husband and undoubtedly, I had all that so in the end it still worth it. The experience and the memories we made here will be forever written in our book.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Two blogs terminated

Big sigh. My two other blogs  ( and were terminated by 1&1 due to non payment. I am trying to dispute this as the is due for renewal only this month and there is still no invoice from them, while the other one, admittedly, I missed the notice which was due last July. That,  I only learned today upon receiving their reply to my inquiry as to why my 2 blogs are inaccessible since last week.

They say I can transfer them to another host but for sure that would amount to enormous hassle. The technicalities of setting it up again and you know all the codes and all that comes with it. I don't know if I can still do that.

Now, I am considering of just returning it to blogspot extension which is a lot easier. Though that would mean losing some earning rights from few advertisers. Or maybe, it's time for me to just keep and maintain one blog. What you think?

But still, I'm hoping that 1&1 will reconsider (I think I deserve it because I have been a client since 2008) :) hehe.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure-I will keep on blogging. 

Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, January 9, 2015

78th Birthday

Happy happy birthday Tatay!

We will be celebrating again (our second) without you, but I take comfort that you are also having a grand celebration up there in heaven with all the angels :) and that you are truly happy.

I love you and remembering a lot about you today is not easy, it is still painful. I miss you so much.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Well, sorry for my late greeting, it's because I stayed off the internet till yesterday so it is only now that I am able to visit blogs, facebook and other social medias :)

How did you spent your holidays? My Christmas was spent with the whole family and as usual it was chaotic with all the kids around but it's super happy :)

And our new year? it was a peaceful, relaxing and quiet :) It's as if we own the whole beach resort..hehe! We were in an island somewhere in Quezon province :)

 The weather is not that good though, it was windy and it's so cold. Mr. Sunshine is such a shy those days :(

Happy new year everyone! Praying it will be a better year for all of us!