Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh December :(

I know December is a happy month but why the sad face on my title, well, it is because there has been three hospital trips for us for this month alone!!! and that is definitely not good.

First one, my Father in law who lives with us was rushed to ER due to high blood pressure. 240/160. That was not a joke, so he is on maintenance medicine and is doing fine now.

Second, my husband's niece who happens to be visiting with her mom first week of December got very sick. Health center worker suspected it was Dengue so we have her checked and stayed overnight at the hospital, It was blood infection and not Dengue, she was given antibiotics for 7 days. Good thing they are not with us anymore, they went back to Cavite after few days.

Third, just last Sunday, my brother rushed Nanay to the hospital due to very high blood sugar, she passed and for a few moments they can't revive her, I immediately hurried to hospital and saw her restless. I was worried and I myself nearly passed out because I realized I have not eaten anything for nearly 8 hours that day due to many things that we are doing. Haay talaga :(

Anyways, mom is okay now, she's back home at my sister's house, we will go back to her doctor on Friday for a follow up check up.

With all that stress and not to mention the unexpected expenses..I think I need a longer vacation and  REST. I can't wait for the holiday. Come December 23 and we're off from work and will resume on January 05. The longest Christmas vacation I will have so far.

I am still thankful though despite  of these unhappy incidents, I know we are still blessed and that we wll celebrate Christmas with thankful and happy hearts.


  1. Yikes on all those hospital visits. I hate it when that happens.

    Have a terrific day and just keep looking at your upcoming vacation. ♥♥♥

  2. Glad to hear everything is fine now. I am enjoying my hibernation as well. No work since Dec22 and we'll be back on Jan05. Yay! ;o)


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