Monday, November 3, 2014


For us here in the Philippines, November 1 is for remembering our departed loved ones but I guess in my part, it does not have to be only on that day because as far as I am concerned, I do remember them almost any day of my life.

I also don't believe in Halloween and do not celebrate it but since my Father passed away last year, we had to go home on November 01 and visit his grave (I'll say his grave because I am very sure that he is not there anymore). This year though, we (meaning my husband and I) were not able to make it home, sad because I'll surely miss a family gathering but we had to accept it. 

Unhappy it maybe but It doesn't mean I forgot Tatay because he will never be forgotten, his memory will always live in my heart, his voice, his jokes and all of him.

Anyways, I'll visit when I go home next time.


  1. You and I believe the same. You can visit their graves, but they aren't there anymore. They do reside in our hearts and will do so until it's time for us to depart this world.

    Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs. :)

  2. My family will visit Lolo and Lola on Nov16. It's Lolo's birthday on Nov17, but it's a Monday so we'll go to the cemetery on Sunday instead. Wala nang madaming tao by that time. Just like your tatay, Lolo and Lola will not be forgotten as well ;o)


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