Monday, June 30, 2014

Rak of Aegis Date

We had FUN! Look at our pictures with some of the cast after the show, we are smiling big because we really did enjoy the show. Pure talent!  The production is superb!

and most of all, it was nice to have that quality time with my husband again:)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Husband and Wife date ideas

The past months have been work and work and work for me and my husband. Due to financial constraint, we have to do that and forget (for a while) some dates and relaxation time. But we know how important it is in our marriage to have those free and leisure time so I’m trying to find ways on how we can still have it sans the expenses.

Today I am grateful that we can go watch a very good musical for FREE! Yes! An admin from an online group where I am a member of is giving us the two free tickets. It’s a comical musical play and I so wanted to see it. It’s double happiness for me because I can bring my husband along. 

 That’s what I am talking about. Even if we don’t have the means there still could be ways to be able to have that husband and wife date. You just have to recognize that it is important and that you have to have it. I’m sure there is a way right?

 I’m thinking that next time, my husband and I could…

1. Go to a park and have some food over a picnic mat. We haven't done this yet and I think it sounds fun and nice.

2. Visit museums- WE could have gone to National Museum last Tuesday because entrance is free that day but we had another appointment. Sayang, anyway, we can go next time.

I wish I can say "stay home and play a CD/DVD movie from our collection" which we often do before but unfortunately that is not an option for us now because our home is in chaos with the in laws and an infant. But someday when we have our privacy back we can do that again.

Anyways, whatever the situation is, we should always have time for each other-that's what matter most.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Yesterday - as it was the second Sunday of June.

We had the normal activity in the church, we recognized the fathers and let them stand in front, the congregation prayed for them and wished them Happy Father's Day. Family members hugged and kissed them.

I have two major reasons now to put this special occasion as my least favorite.

1. It's never the same and will never be without my father. While he was still with us, we'd gather and have some special food during the day or for dinner but it's been different for the 2nd time now. I have no one to kiss and say how much I love him. But I'm glad and thankful I did all that while he was still here. 

2.  Since we got married, every time this day comes and we do that normal routine activity in the church, they will ask my husband to stand along with the fathers and it hurts so bad that no child (of our own) is going in front to hug him and kiss him. For 8 long years,I've put on-we've put on a smile but I think that has to stop now. Yes, we have learn to accept the reality that we might not have children but it still hurt that much when they do that. It's like telling us a million times again-that my husband is still a husband and not a Father.

So there it is...but of course, it doesn't mean I'm not going to greet all the great fathers I know there. After all it's their day sadly though not my husbands'.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Better things are coming

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I’d rather think positive than complain and be sullen about how things are not better at this point in time.  I know that things will eventually get better.

Nanay will be better.
Our small business will eventually pick up and give us passive income :)
We will be able to pay our lot in full and build our dream house someday soon.
Increase in our salaries is coming-yup! I believe in power of declaration.
My health will be better.

I will HOLD ON for I know the best is yet to come.
Better things are coming.