Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating 8

and because I still have no energy to make another post, I'm grabbing my post from my facebook page :) and also the photo.

"This was 8 years ago and the smiles and laughter we had then did not fade a bit.
Happy Anniversary mahal. Thank you for loving the Lord first and foremost because with that I know I am always secured of your love. God must have loved me that much, so happy and grateful He gave me YOU. Naks!! I love you!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our homemade California Maki

Our very first attempt was a failure because of the wrong nori (seaweeds) sheets size we bought. It was very disappointing  but  of course we did not give up. Last night we tried again and it was a success!!

Ours is cheaper version because we did not have japanese mayo and a salmon or any fish for that matter. We only used cucumber, mango, crab meat sticks and the rice :)

here's a picture guide on how we did it

At first I thought it was hard but the only tricky part for me is the rice. Take note that we did not use Japanese rice also,  we substituted it with our own local sticky/glutinous (malagkit) rice. In fact, the only Japaneses ingredient we had is the Wasabi. Nonetheless, it was still yummy for us :D

We had extra mangoes, cucumbers and crab meat sticks so we used it to top our maki rolls :)