Monday, March 10, 2014


I wrote a post from my rocks daily blog, if you have time you can also read from there, but here's more update from Nanay.

She is recovering albeit very slow. Can't even sit on her own, she needs a lot of help to sit and it last for only a couple of minutes.

Her major complain is head ache which is expected says her doctor as she suffered the most injury in her head.

Things even got worst due to her stomach complications but praise God, that is now treated and ok. Her potassium went very low also but is now ok.

So far her BP is stable for days now, as well as her sugar.

I hope she'll be out in the hospital he soonest possible time.

Thank you everyone for praying.

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  1. I'm so happy she's doing much better. I know it's been hard on you too.

    Have a blessed day. :)


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