Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Recap

So we all said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with open arms. I am one of those million people who eagerly awaited for the ending  and the beginning of the year because well, for one reason, 2013 was a major heartbreak for me.

But still, despite that it was loaded with hurt and pain, I cannot deny the fact that there are still plenty of good things that happened. And before I really (literally) move on to 2014, I just want to recap some major events in 2013,  just to remind my self that even if it was not completely beautiful year, it was still very very meaningful.


1. We celebrated Tatay's 76th birthday, not knowing it would be his last birthday with us.
2. We went to Davao (first time) for a coordination meeting for the mission camp)


1. Spent the Holy week in the province with the whole family, went swimming and we even had a whole lechon (roast pig) just for the whole fam. It was such a nice week :)


1. Tatay was rushed to the hospital (in Cabanatuan)-it was here that a very careless doctor told him that he has cancer and that he needs chemotherapy to survive and etc..etc.. without any of us there at his side. Back then, i wanted to go and punch the doctors face for being so insensitive. She could have talked to us instead. I think this made my Tatay weaker :( and secretly admitted that he will not get any better soon.

2. Went to Youth Mission Camp in Davao  for a week-April 20-26. (while I was there, I keep praying that God will spare me of losing my Tatay while I am miles away from home)


1. May 1 is a Holiday and I went home to visit Tatay, this time, he can no longer eat well and has become bed ridden or rather wheel chair ridden.

2. May 4, I went back home again to bring him his e-bike (one of his last requests). When we were about to leave home, I kissed and hugged him. Back in the car, I kept on crying because there is this feeling that it might be the last time.....

3. True enough, early morning of May 5 ( less than 12 hours since we left home) I received a call from my sister. Tatay went home to the Lord and up to this day, I still remember the pain of that phone call and I know I will remember it for a long time.

Grief consumed me for the following weeks and months..went to roller coaster of emotions, from shock to anger, guilt and sadness and slowly to acceptance and moving on.....


1. We made a major decision this month as husband and wife, we purchased a lot in Cavite, in a very nice community/subdivision. We are still paying it by installment and hopefully we can start to build our own home in few years time.

2. We also started successful savings (Pru-Life), I started reading about finances and  investments.

3. Went to Baguio with my Brother in law and his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It was a happy and relaxing trip.


1. We celebrated husband's birthday in a small hotel.

2. Passports renewed :)


1. My mother was hospitalized (her first time). To say that I was worried is understatement and certainly staying at the very same hospital where my father was confined brought a lot of sad memories. Good thing she got better and is ok now.


1. First holidays without my father-it was sad but I know he won't like it if we stay that way, we celebrated at my sister's house with all of us present. The kids are happy.

2. Trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan- a beach vacation at last!!


Oh my, it was such a long post :) Thank you that you read up to this point and most of all thank you for being with me in my journey last year.

Hoping that we will all have a BETTER year this time. Happy New Year!!!


  1. You've had some bumps in the road this past year, but you've had some good things happen too. I hope 2014 is a very good year for you and yours filled with happiness, health and prosperity. :)


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