Wednesday, November 27, 2013

N@wie Christmas Party 2013

N@wie stands for Newlyweds At Work

We had our Christmas party last Sunday at Le Parc event hall (yes, I know it's early for a Christmas Party but we like it that way because come December everyone is busy na with their own parties.

Yanple party shop did the set-up :) Candy theme..sweet and beautiful!

Food is provided by Richgold Weddings (not in the picture are pastas and desserts)

Raffle and game prizes

and US at the party. we had lots of fun!!!

all smile si husband..proof that he enjoyed it so much!

Sir Abet took this picture of us when we are about to go home :) our very own car.. hehe!! I think we are the only N@w couple that didn't have a car but our motorbike is cool right?

So there, our very first Christmas party for this year :) I think we have three more to go!


  1. I like the theme, Rocks! Parang pwd kay Rwan a. 3yrs old na sya sa Dec. Pero alam mo nmn ang sitwasyon ko ngayon. Haaayy! Hindi pa kaya ang party e. Pasyal lang muna and eat out sa birthday nya ;o)

  2. Wow! Ang aga nga but it sure is a great way to start the holidays. Ang daming food!

    You look cool in your ride. :-)

  3. How fun. I would have loved to attend.

    Yes your bike is way cool.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥♥♥

  4. Well that looked like great fun and all that food .yum

    Have a partytastic week ;-)


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