Wednesday, November 27, 2013

N@wie Christmas Party 2013

N@wie stands for Newlyweds At Work

We had our Christmas party last Sunday at Le Parc event hall (yes, I know it's early for a Christmas Party but we like it that way because come December everyone is busy na with their own parties.

Yanple party shop did the set-up :) Candy theme..sweet and beautiful!

Food is provided by Richgold Weddings (not in the picture are pastas and desserts)

Raffle and game prizes

and US at the party. we had lots of fun!!!

all smile si husband..proof that he enjoyed it so much!

Sir Abet took this picture of us when we are about to go home :) our very own car.. hehe!! I think we are the only N@w couple that didn't have a car but our motorbike is cool right?

So there, our very first Christmas party for this year :) I think we have three more to go!

Friday, November 22, 2013

7 years 7 months

MARRIED to the man God has specifically chosen for me :)

It was not an all smooth easy marriage, like everyone else, we have some serious fights also, arguments from time to time but I think that makes our marriage even more stronger.

But I know also that I am super blessed with Rudolf. His love is very assuring and I have never felt so loved before. There are times I think I am not reciprocating the same love he is giving me eh because his love is so selfless, so forgiving, so humble, so kind. I don't think I am like that.

I am trying my best though to be a very good, supportive and loving wife to him, cheering him on when he is in despair, assuring him when he is in doubt, but still I cannot compare that to the many things he is doing for me.

And I thank the Lord so much for blessing me, for giving me that kind of gift.  I hope we will have more 7 years and 7 months to celebrate. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rainbow after the storm

Indeed. There is HOPE for Yolanda victims. :)


A rainbow is seen over the typhoon devastated city of Tacloban, Leyte island province, Philippines, 19 November 2013.

picture grabbed from Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom : Photo By EPA 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Desperate for good news

One week today since that super typhoon Haiyan ravaged our beloved country. 

One week of sad news and I don't think I can watch or read more. 

This morning as I opened the net, I was hoping for at least two or more good news (sort of relief distribution is better, roads are better, Tacloban is now secured from those who are trying to take advantage of the situation, families are united) but sad to say, stories about how  A LOT are complaining about the government and more depressing news are still the headlines.

So  stopped reading na lang. 

I'm desperate for good news ..I need a breather.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Super typhoon

Please include us, the Philippines in your prayers as we battle world's most powerful typhoon on earth this 2013. God bless us.

It may be the most powerful typhoon but our GOD is one who can calm the raging seas. HE is more pwerful than that!! Keep safe evryone!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to renew passport online

We recently had our passport  renewed because it's expiring this December. I have heard so many good reviews about DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) services now a days and true enough because we experienced it first hand. It was a breeze and we are done in 30 minutes :)

Here is what I did for our passport renewal.

1. Visit DFA website ( 

2. Click on "Set an Appointment"

3. Choose where you want to set an appointment, you have 5 options, DFA Alabang, DFA Asean (I think this is the main office) DFA Galleria (Ortigas) DFA Manila (this is at SM Manila-  we went here because it's the nearest to our place) and DFA Megamall (Mandaluyong)

4.Fill out the application form completely. Wait for the e-mail confirmation, print the application form and then wait for your appointment date.

5. On your appointment date, make sure to be there early. Ours was at 4:00 PM but we were there before 3pm, we were allowed to enter at around 3 pm I guess and we were done before 4 PM :) There's no long lines because there are many windows/tellers and they are quite fast. You will not also get lost/confused on the process because the labels/signage are very clear. Good job DFA!!!

We have new passports now and hopefully we can use it next year!! :D