Friday, August 16, 2013

On Finances

Because last month, we made some major decisions (not one but two) in our life, that also means major adjustment in our finances. I've been reading  lately a lot about money (savings, investment etc.) actually, that was one reason why I pursued our investment savings now because  if we don't do it now,  it might be too late to think of our retirement plans. I don't want to end up working till my super old age naman)

One major thing I learned (with all the readings I made) is this

Income - 10 % tithes - savings = Expenses

Before, we were like, income -tithes then expenses.

So zero savings at all.

I tried to save money in the bank but life always seems to have thousand reasons for me to withdraw it (family illness, emergencies, trips, etc.)

So I am thankful that now I save money where I can not touch it (at least for some number of years). The setback though is a major change in our monthly budget.

No more eating out (yes even in fastfood houses) maybe once in a blue moon na lang.
No more movies (which we seldom do naman talaga)
No big purchases for now
And most probably no travels unless we do earn extra for it.

It is quite hard but it is doable. At least my motivation is my dream house and our retirement days :)


  1. Once you get used to your budget you'll do better. It's an adjustment indeed. So many people don't save for their future. A big mistake.

    Have a terrific day and weekend Rocks. :)

  2. You may also want to attaned a BDO investment seminar. Check out their website for the schedule. Madami ka pong matututunan. Besides, Saturday sya ginagawa and dyan pa sa Makati, so wala ka reason not to attend. Haha! ;o)


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