Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My father's health is deteriorating. And for days now, I've been hearing  the phrase
"you should get your self ready"
"he's leaving you soon"
"you should give him all he wants now"

I know it is inevitable but how can someone be ready for the death of a love one? specifically of  a Father?

How can I say I am now ready and  I am prepared.
I can and I might say that... but it means I am lying because I can never be ready for that.


He was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday night. I hurriedly went home and just got back now. He was out of the hospital but he is not okay. Better maybe but not good. It was so hard to leave him and I've been crying.

But I am not losing HOPE.



  1. You can't make yourself ready for this type of thing. I've lost both my parents and I knew each of them were dying. It still didn't help me prepare for their deaths. You'll deal with this how you deal with this. Your way.

    Sending lots of healing prayers to your precious father. ☺

  2. Hugs Ate. We're praying with you.

  3. Thank you for your prayers.

  4. Rocks, hold on to Jesus. He's the only one who can comfort you at this time. Sending warm hugs and prayers your way.


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