Friday, March 8, 2013

Our newest love

My best friend gave birth  to a healthy baby boy last February 28, she lives in the province and we immediately went home the following day to see her and their cute baby!

Everyone, meet our newest love :) "David"

Don't you think he's beautiful?? look at those cheeks!!

This boy is special because my friend waited for him for 11 long years, we all waited patiently and finally god answered all our prayers. Nothing is impossible to our Lord!

As you all know, we are still waiting for ours and this year will be our 7th year. I know in my heart God will grant the desire of of our hearts too. We will keep on praying and waiting till it's our turn.

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  1. David is indeed adorable. I'm so happy for your friend.

    I too hope and pray that you and your hubby will have your own bundle of joy in the very near future.

    Have a terrific day and weekend Rocks. :)


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