Thursday, March 21, 2013

Timezone date

Last Tuesday night straight from the office, we picked up these two lovely kids and spent a very wonderful time with them. The next day, they left for Malaysia and we won't be seeing them again until maybe next year. They are our Pastor's kids.

I honestly enjoyed the timezone :) Being kid again once in a while is a good relief from all the stress.


 we super liked this basketball..hahaha! shooting like there's no tomorrow
happy faces :D  See you next year!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Money, money, money

WOW! A Lamborghini, a mansion in Florida, travel around the world, best restaurants in town, luxurious hotels and all, I can't even imagine my self being in that shoes but apparently someone is. And maybe if I follow  Tim Sykes penny stocks advice I might also get that kind of lifestyle. Honestly, I browsed his page in facebook and literally we were in awe of his riches. Now, if only we can have even one fourth of that wealth, I'll be more than happy, blissful, joyful or whatever extreme word you can find to replace happiness.

Don't get me wrong though, I know money can not buy you happiness but surely it would help right?

If I earn lots of money, I will buy my parents a big house, their own car and will hire house helps for them. That will make them happy for sure and when they are happy I'll be happy too :)

And if I am rich, I will always book us (the whole family-including all my nieces and nephews) a family trip. Spend a whole week in Boracay or in Disyneland. Again, that would make all my nieces and nephews happy, and when they are happy I'll be a happy Aunt too.

If I am that rich, I will build a big house for abandoned children, I will send them to school and provide food for them. That would certainly make me happy.

Last in the list would be my wants, a nice house with huge kitchen and living room where I can invite friends as often as I want. A big car, shoes, gadgets and stuff.

See? money can't buy me happiness but it will be of great help.

Now, if only I have money to invest in stocks like what others do, I'll probably do it also.

Monday, March 11, 2013

His new shoes :)

My late valentines gift to my dearest husband and he's been the happiest since we bought this last Saturday. He said and I knew it very well that this is by far the most pricey shoes he has ever had and to think this isn't that expensive for some, but for him this is really big thing.

and he's also excited to try it on!
happy husband..happy wife!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our newest love

My best friend gave birth  to a healthy baby boy last February 28, she lives in the province and we immediately went home the following day to see her and their cute baby!

Everyone, meet our newest love :) "David"

Don't you think he's beautiful?? look at those cheeks!!

This boy is special because my friend waited for him for 11 long years, we all waited patiently and finally god answered all our prayers. Nothing is impossible to our Lord!

As you all know, we are still waiting for ours and this year will be our 7th year. I know in my heart God will grant the desire of of our hearts too. We will keep on praying and waiting till it's our turn.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Decluttering.selling online

Our place is small and it should be free of clutter (how I wish) but it’s not like that. Over the years I have collected lots of stuff that is now occupying space in our cabinets, some I haven’t unpacked since we moved here and is still in the boxes which means I haven’t use them for almost two years now. Some friends say that if you haven’t touch it or use it for quite some time like years it can now be considered a clutter and maybe you can now dispose it. That is what I am contemplating to do now. 

Funny though, yesterday I opened one cabinet, checked on the clothes and started taking pictures of those I’m letting go (I took pictures because I’m going to sell it in our group’s online garage sale) I noticed I’m putting back some of the stuff specially bags which are gift (from whom I don’t even remember any more) and I kept saying “oh I can use this, I need this” and then I return it to its space. 

Sigh, I’m such a hoarder. I have lots of coffee mugs I accumulated for over the years, I have lots of books which remains unread until now and I keep buying second hand books in that online garage sale of our yahoo group. I even have college textbooks back in our house in the province . I think that can be sell online now also, is one website where you can have cash for your textbooks, you can also compare textbook price there.

Back to my being a hoarder, I shall find time this week to opened those boxes I haven’t opened for years now and check what I can now let go and sell online. The extra cash that will be coming in should be enough to motivate me to do it. The extra space and a decluttered house is a plus. 

How about you my dears…how do you declutter? Are you a hoarder too? Do you sell it online too?