Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vitamins neglected :(

Because of the chaotic month I had last December and January, I neglected our vitamins intake and totally forgotten everything I started except my iron mainly because when I got sick last December, the Doctor told me to not forget it due to my very low Red Blood Cells. And when I do not take my vitamins-my dear husband does the same (you see-I’m the one who constantly nag him to take his)

My canister of Vitex should have been empty by now but it still has few more capsules. I ran out of iron last week, it has been over a month since we took our B vitamins, and husband has been out of his Vitamin E and C also.

I know that shouldn’t be the case and I should not be neglecting our vitamins, sigh. I’m such a slacker. My appointment with the OB- Gynecologist is still pending at the moment. I put mine at the back so I can give priority to my ailing father’s medicines and hospitalization.

But of course, it wouldn’t be long. I’m determined to do that appointment with the OB and to be more healthy this year ( yup..being healthy is the word and not losing weight) That includes being consistent in our vitamins and supplements. So hopefully, we can re stock our vitamins and I don’t know if we need more. Right now am checking SmartyPants vitamins for grown ups. You can also visit their website for more information on their gummy products.

But of course, I am not forgetting that eating the right food, fruits and vegetables can still be the greatest source of whatever vitamins I need.

Here's to a healthier us!!


  1. When you are young you forget these kind of things. When you're my age you remember to take them every single day. They are important.

    Have a fabulous day Rocks. ☺

  2. Eat lots of greens esp sweet potato tops! They're rich in iron:-)


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