Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Ideas for my husband

One wife from our yahoo group is sending food (lunch) for his husband on Valentines day and I find it sweet. The problem is I can not do that because we work on the same office and he is always out of the office during  lunch. That made me think of anything or something I can do for my husband this Valentines day. I'm really not into Valentines (well, both of us) but I just want to extra appreciate my husband for being such understanding and supporting specially when my family went to tough time last late last year.And since Valentine's day is coming, why not do something special for him on that day di ba?

So okay, now my dilemma is what can I do ( a challenge for me since I don't have money to splurge) any ideas you got, please let me know, as of this moment here are what I'm considering.

1. Cut out hearts shape in red or pink paper  and paste it on our bedroom wall with all his good traits written all over (an idea I picked up from a friend). (inexpensive and quite easy to do di ba?)

2. Buy him a card, write him a long letter which I haven;t done for a long time.

3. Wake him up with his favorite breakfast in bed ( but I do this once in a while even without special occasion) 

4. Cook him his favorite dinner, set the table with candles and flowers . ( I don't think I can pull this off-learning to cook his favorite chicken recipe is quite a task for me.)

5. Treat him out for dinner!

anyways, I know anything I do for him he'll surely enjoy and appreciate it. I'm blessed with a husband that is so easy to please :)

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  1. We really don't do Valentine's day here either. Hubby gets me a card and I rarely do anything. We have Valentine's day everyday so it's just not important. I know you'll think of something.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. ☺


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