Monday, February 18, 2013

High School graduation

I know I am not a perfect Aunt but I can be doting at times (most of the time actually*wink*) that’s why my nieces and nephews wants to be with me us during their free time :) They know I love them to bits. We were with my sister last night with her two sons, his eldest I often mention in this blog, is graduating in high school come March 22 and will be in college soon. Remember I posted last month about him taking this college entrance examination to which I am even more anxious than his mom.  How I wish I could provide him a tutor like the ones they have at the to make sure he’ll pass but nonetheless I’m sure he can do it.

I’m so proud of how my sister brought up this little man. Very responsible and obedient, at his age he knows what  is right and wrong and he knows what kind of friends to choose (or stay away from)

Now that he is graduating in high school, we’re emotional. We can’t help it.  Our eldest nephew is now a full grown man. And we know that in few years time, he’ll soon have his own family. (gosh-that made me feel so old!)  But yes, that’s reality and we have to deal with that.

I’m just glad we all enjoyed him while he’s young. My parents who took care of him while his mom work during his younger years have had lots of good and memorable times with him. We all do actually.

Oh I can’t wait for him to be in college also because that means we will have more time with him because he will live with us. That only means more memories to make.

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  1. It's a big deal when you graduate high school. A really big deal. I'm so happy he's turned out to be such a great young man. Excellent.

    Have a fantastic day Rocks. ☺


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