Monday, January 21, 2013

College life soon

How time flies. I can’t believe that our first nephew (My dear Ryan) will now be in college come next school year (which is approximately 5 months from now) It seems only yesterday when he entered nursery school and now he’s all grown up. Before, we were only talking about his toys but these days we’ve been discussing his college studies. This week, he is scheduled to take the college entrance examination.

Her mother (my sister) asked me if he could live with us because the University he is aiming is quite far as they live outskirt of the city. Of course I said yes without hesitations, after all he is like a son to me. In fact, it is I who scouted for best school he could get in (best and yet not expensive) and I’m glad they accepted my suggestion. If I am rich though, I’ll definitely send him to Ateneo or La Salle or I’ll send him abroad so he can have the best school (with me in tow for sure) but we’re settled to where he is going now. :D

 I asked him also if he wants to do an online schooling and look for some courses he would enjoy doing at home maybe like personal training courses at or design and photography as he is into arts also but I think he is not ready for that yet.

Somehow I like the idea of distance learning (which seems to be the trend now) because I like the idea of studying and yet not being confined in a classroom, I can do school work anytime of the day, and not worry about OpenColleges updates and announcements because you can take a look at them anytime through twitter or facebook and email. You can also take the exams and submit it without seeing your teachers and being spared of the look in their face when you failed) hehe!

But that’s me. My nephew will of course do the conventional school to which I hope he’ll enjoy and finish with flying colors.


  1. I have my bachelors degree in business management. Much of it was online as I was working full time. It was great to be able to go to school online on my schedule not the schools schedule.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)

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