Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home Ideas: flooring and sofas

We recently bought linoleum to replace the old vinyl tiles that my husband removed from our small kitchen, it’s white and it made the room brighter,  though dirt is now more visible with it I still like it very much. In fact I am now planning to cover the whole room with the same linoleum. why? basically because it is a lot cheaper and is easier to clean than our old and stinky vinyl tiles.

Because of the turn of events (and turn of our plans) we might stay longer in our current home so I asked the husband to make it at least more comfortable for both of us. That means installing anew sink and a small counter top. He said yes of course, I just hope his yes means he’ll do it sooner than I think.

We don’t have plans of buying new furniture (since our place is small) but given the chance (meaning the extra money) I would also love to replace the hand me down couch we had at the moment. I would love to have one of these contemporary sectional sofas someday. The black or the white will be perfect for me :D

The more I keep looking for more home ideas the more I want to have my own home soon! But I know that would take a bit longer because we prioritized something else (and I hope we made the right decision there) Anyways, it isn’t bad to plan early right?

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