Monday, October 8, 2012

How do you save for your child's college education?

This was one hot topic in my yahoo group last week and most of them who have kids agreed that it would really be hard to send their children in a nice university for college education unless they start saving now.

I still don’t have a child but that made me think about it also. As of this time, good schools are expensive already and I wonder how expensive it would be for the next ten or fifteen years to come?

Good thing that someone has brought up this topic because the saving and investing were discussed too alongside with the school fees and expenses. There are lots of ladies in the group (oh well along with their husbands) that are money savvy. Some I think knows a lot about stock market and the stockmarket game .

How I wish I am one of them.  I so admired those who have already invested and secured their kids education. I tell you, they even have plan A to plan B and C or D. Very inspiring. I assumed they read a lot about investment and maybe they frequent investing and financial sites like WallStreetSurvivor  and the like.

I’ve heard and read about Mutual Funds and Time Deposit but God knows I still don’t understand a bit about them. And how do I save for my child’s college education? Well, I have to learn saving first.


  1. You figure out how much you need and then figure out how much you need to save to come to that amount. It's pretty simple, but it's the saving part that's the hard part. Sticking to putting the money aside each week or pay period sometimes presents a problem.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)

  2. Rocks, here in the US, college education is very costly! I dont know how we would save all that amount for our son, but we are starting. God will provide.


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