Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to apply and get an SSS ID

Finally, I was able to do this last week. I have been a member since 1997 and it was only now that I applied for the digitized ID. I tried it before (during those first few years of their implementation) but I got frustrated and disappointed because every time I go to an SSS office it is jam packed with people as in even as early as 7 AM.

Now it is more convenient as there are fewer people applying for the digitized SSS ID.

Here's what I did :

1. I downloaded the form from the SSS website, here's the link of all the downloadable forms :   

I printed it and the filled up the necessary information.

2. I went to SSS Manila office ( at the back of SM Manila/YMCA Building). I asked the guard immediately what to do with my form and then he asked me to fall in line so I can get a number. 
(Note: I went there around 11 AM and the line is now shorter than the usual because cut-off na yata yung iba like payment contribution, condonation and etc.)

3. When I got my number I proceeded to the ID application section and the I gave my form ( for screening yata) and then it was lunch break :( 

4. After lunch I got back to the same section and then not long after ( 2 minutes I guess) my name was called and then they let me in and sat down and asked all the information again while at the same time encoding it in the computer. After that they gave me my form with number written in it.

5. I proceeded to the picture capturing section and waited for my number to be called. This is where I waited longer because there is only one guy doing the picture taking and the encoding and the finger printing all at the same time.

6. After more or less one hour I was called and that's it.after 5 minutes or so I'm done and out of the SSS building.

BUT did you know that the minimum waiting time for your ID is about 6 months? yes, 6 months or more. I hope they'll do something about it because in my opinion 6 months is too long for a simple digitized ID.

What do you think?

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  1. i applied for an SSS ID 3rd of January this year. so far, it has not arrived yet. went to the SSS office to ff-up and they said it'll be coming soon as the Nov'11 applications are already being sent.


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