Friday, September 28, 2012

Pork ribs Sinigang

Finally! a home cooked dinner for me and my husband last night. I was home earlier than him and I decided to drop by at the supermarket and cook this.

But because we're quite hungry na, we didn't wait long enough for the pork to become really tender and soft :( but over all, it's yummy and we had a bowl full for each of us. may second serving pa.

I'm not a good cook and I don't even know if my sinigang is right, but just in case you want to know, here's how I did it;

 I boiled the pork with sliced onions and some salt, I added tomatoes and gabi ( a root crop) I don't know what it's called in English term..hehe then I added the okra and the mustard leaves, then the sinigang instant mix (normally I would use real sampalok but I was kinda lazy last night) and then the green chili  and that's it!

We still have leftover if you want some :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beautiful lawn for the future home

I have always wanted a beautiful front lawn and backyard. When I was young I used to dream of having my wedding in our own beautiful lawn (probably the reason why I opted for a garden wedding) Now that, we are seriously considering acquiring a house of our own, it is one of our major concern, as you have noticed, I posted a townhouse type that we are now looking at but my husband and I are both hesitant due to the very limited space. We don’t mind a small house as long as we have a spacious lawn 

We both want to see our future kids, our nephews and nieces and godchildren playing and running around (like what I grew up to)  that nicely paved or mowed backyard with lots of flowering plants and some fruit trees and with a beautiful set of patio furniture. Look at these photo inspiration from riverside synthetic turf at

Nice di ba? Though theirs are synthetic, it is still nice considering you don’t have to mow and watered it anymore, less hassle but I still want mine to have some real grass ( Rudolf will take care of the mowing and watering ) 

This dream (or want whatever you may call it) is giving us hard time in deciding with regards to the house acquisition. Sooner, we have to let my sister know about our decision if we are to push through with the housing loan. I still don’t know as of this time. I hope whatever we decide is what God wants for us.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chicken curry

This is one of my husband's favorite chicken recipe, unfortunately because I am such a crappy cook, haven't tried this recipe yet. Just taking a look at it makes me feel like"I can't do that, it's so complicated" nyahahaha!

BUT..I want to cook it for hubby so I printed the simplest recipe I saw from the internet and I am going to cook this for him one of these days..hopefully sooner.

image from

Wish me the best with this receipe! of course I'm going to blog about it after :D

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mahal!

Today is my dear husband's birthday. Last night I kept on apologizing for not having something to give him as special gift, for not being able to prepare any special thing for him. And as expected, he said it's ok and that he doesn't need that and in return thanked me for just being there. To say that I have one wonderful husband is an understatement because he really is the best for me.

Actually, since today is payday, I told him we can eat out in a nice restaurant, sort of a treat to him because we seldom do that as we are financially tight as of this time, but instead of saying yes to me, my husband who is ever so humble and loving and caring to people said we will attend our church prayer meeting and then we will cook something  as he would like to share whatever blessings he has today to everyone of us there.  How selfless and how sacrificing my husband is and I am so much blessed.

Mahal, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you so much and I am so proud of you and I am forever grateful to the Lord for giving you to me :) 

Today, you are highly favored and you are blessed beyond measure, exceedingly and abundantly more than you can ask or imagine as stated in Ephesians 3:20-21. May you keep on singing for God!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to apply and get an SSS ID

Finally, I was able to do this last week. I have been a member since 1997 and it was only now that I applied for the digitized ID. I tried it before (during those first few years of their implementation) but I got frustrated and disappointed because every time I go to an SSS office it is jam packed with people as in even as early as 7 AM.

Now it is more convenient as there are fewer people applying for the digitized SSS ID.

Here's what I did :

1. I downloaded the form from the SSS website, here's the link of all the downloadable forms :

I printed it and the filled up the necessary information.

2. I went to SSS Manila office ( at the back of SM Manila/YMCA Building). I asked the guard immediately what to do with my form and then he asked me to fall in line so I can get a number. 
(Note: I went there around 11 AM and the line is now shorter than the usual because cut-off na yata yung iba like payment contribution, condonation and etc.)

3. When I got my number I proceeded to the ID application section and the I gave my form ( for screening yata) and then it was lunch break :( 

4. After lunch I got back to the same section and then not long after ( 2 minutes I guess) my name was called and then they let me in and sat down and asked all the information again while at the same time encoding it in the computer. After that they gave me my form with number written in it.

5. I proceeded to the picture capturing section and waited for my number to be called. This is where I waited longer because there is only one guy doing the picture taking and the encoding and the finger printing all at the same time.

6. After more or less one hour I was called and that's it.after 5 minutes or so I'm done and out of the SSS building.

BUT did you know that the minimum waiting time for your ID is about 6 months? yes, 6 months or more. I hope they'll do something about it because in my opinion 6 months is too long for a simple digitized ID.

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello September

My husband's birth month. Part of me wants to do the same thing they did for me on my last birthday ( a total surprise party) but I know I can't because of lack of time. But of course I still have plans for his birthday, simple as it is but I'm sure he'll love it.

September marks also the beginning of ber months which means start of the Christmas season here in the Philippines. yes, we start that early. I already heard some Christmas songs on the radio already and some are making countdowns na :) 

I have so many things to look forward too this Christmas season so I am excited. A very special friend and her family is coming back home from the US and can't wait to see them!

So hello September I know you'll pass quickly but please be good to me as I await for October, November and finally December :)