Thursday, August 16, 2012

No TV, No Computer at home

Guess what a "No TV, No Computer" can do to one's life :)

For me and my dear husband, it made us

1. Start cleaning our whole living space. Finally, we were able to dust everything , I was able to fix some of the paper stuff that has been waiting for me since we moved here (that was more than a year ago).

2. We were able to organize our closet (and removed all the unused clothes for years just in time for our upcoming garage sale -a fund raising drive for our scholars)

3. Finally after such a long time I was bale to clean my small tin box of trash accessories :)

4. Last night while my husband is studying for the midweek service tonight to where he will speak- I was able to clean and paint my toenails!! to my surprise :) Haven't done that for a very veeery long time.  Saved some money there. I was so pleased with mys elf. hehe!

I don't know when this gonna last but sometimes I really get bored. Maybe next week one of which (either TV or Desktop) will be back to work again.

But for now, we are currently enjoying the no TV and No Computer at Home.

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  1. I can live without a television, but I do love my computer. I'm so happy you got so many things done. Good for you both.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)


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