Friday, August 31, 2012

In love with weddings

My wedding photographer posted one of our pictures in his facebook page which made me look into more wedding pictures last night and I enjoyed it so much especially those of my friend's wedding pictures.

I so love wedding. I wish of getting married again someday (to the same guy of course) a renewal of vows perhaps and only if money is not a problem, no doubt a garden wedding it will be just like my wedding seven years ago (because I love an outdoor wedding) with only my family and closest friends in attendance :) No harm in dreaming right?

I'll get inspiration from  Orange County estate wedding and events, wish I can have an event in  The Folly because it is so intimate and as I have said I love the garden type :) here's a picture.

 Isn't it lovely there? I can imagine how romantic the exchange of vows can be and  oh the many beautiful pictures you can take :D  Visit their facebook page EstateWeddingandEvents for more beautiful weddings and corporate venues as well.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy news. Hopeful

I got a happy e-mail today from my best friend in our home province, my matron of honor during my wedding. She confirmed that she is pregnant (3 months) and that I'm gonna be a ninang (godmother) soon!

So yes that's a happy news. See, this friend of mine has been married 10 years ago and they've been waiting for this gift ever since.

Ten long years and God did not fail them.

This mail made me more hopeful that someday soon it will be our turn. Someday soon it will be me emailing friends, announcing that we are expecting. Someday soon.

For now, I remain hopeful.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carissa Northridge in Bulacan

This is very near my sister's place as in walking distance (if you're into walking). When I saw this my heart jumped because I've been looking for a nice and affordable house (specially one that we can avail thru PAG IBIG housing)

BUT..of course we are still praying about it and still waiting for God's confirmation if this is really the house for us..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reading: Picture Perfect

This was taken last Friday, J-mie invited us for a birthday dinner at their home.

 We missed this boy so much!!
 One of our favorite godson :) and definitely I can tell that Ninong Rudolf is one of his favorite too!!
we love you Jakob!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

No TV, No Computer at home

Guess what a "No TV, No Computer" can do to one's life :)

For me and my dear husband, it made us

1. Start cleaning our whole living space. Finally, we were able to dust everything , I was able to fix some of the paper stuff that has been waiting for me since we moved here (that was more than a year ago).

2. We were able to organize our closet (and removed all the unused clothes for years just in time for our upcoming garage sale -a fund raising drive for our scholars)

3. Finally after such a long time I was bale to clean my small tin box of trash accessories :)

4. Last night while my husband is studying for the midweek service tonight to where he will speak- I was able to clean and paint my toenails!! to my surprise :) Haven't done that for a very veeery long time.  Saved some money there. I was so pleased with mys elf. hehe!

I don't know when this gonna last but sometimes I really get bored. Maybe next week one of which (either TV or Desktop) will be back to work again.

But for now, we are currently enjoying the no TV and No Computer at Home.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cadbury and prayer

This cheered me up a bit during the flood. We're stuck at home and was at one point had nothing to eat but this chocolate :) nonetheless, I thank God we're all okay.

I know there are people that lost their homes and some their loved ones. I pray God will give back or replace all that they lost during the flood and even add more unexpected blessing to their lives like what He did to Job.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Who wants shabu shabu at home?

All you need are these;

A stove that you can put in top of your dinner table (a camping stove is perfect for this) and a pot for your soup stock

and then your vegetables such as these

corn, bokchoy, cabbage and some more greens that you want. Of course shabu-shabu is not complete without the balls (chicken, shrimp and squid balls) You can also have some noodles there :)

and add some of these
beef strips and fresh shrimps

you can add chili and some spices if you like (be careful though you might get the same face when you put on more chili)
you can have fun while making your own bowl of shabu shabu (like what these guys did despite the fact that the wives are not with them..hmpp)

But my husband is such a sweet person, he brought me some and I super enjoyed it! I really wish I could do this at home :)