Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I pray

I spent my whole morning phoning hospitals and clinics asking for cardiologists, their schedules and consultation fees.I filled up at least three pages of my notebook with names and information.

The reason is - my father needed to see one.

And as I was doing that, my mind has been flying and imagining worse things and it made me feel bad and sad. You see, one of my greatest fear is losing my parents. There is no way I can be ready with that. I guess no one is.

My father has been weak since the day we picked him up from my sister's place in Bulacan. Difficulty in breathing is his major complaint. He's been in medication for years now but sad to say that he has not been to the doctor also for quite sometime.

I pray he'll get well  soon. I pray that there is nothing serious. I pray that we'll be able to send him to at least good if not the best doctor and hospital in town. I pray he'll live to see his grandkids go to college and marry :)

I pray I'll be okay and I'll stop worrying too much.


Thank you for taking time to comment. God bless!!