Thursday, July 19, 2012

Appointment with the Cardiologist

My father went to the cardiologist today, The one I was able to scout with the lowest fee is from Manila Medical Center which is 10 minutes away from my sisters place (where my parents are staying).

I am glad he liked the Doctor because I think it's vital to his succeeding check-ups. Basically, his first appointment was just the normal question and answer, I wish I was there though but this was one of the days that I can't just leave the office (which sucks) good thing my eldest sister is available and  went with them.

I am also glad his lungs are okay-as per the Doctor. At least one less thing to worry about.

But he is required to do some tests, ECG, 2D Echo, blood tests and urinalysis which he will do tomorrow so he'll be able to go back to the Doctor on Saturday. We want it done sooner and earlier, prolonging it means prolonging also our worries and stress.

I really pray God will grant him more years and a healthy body.

My husband has been away for almost three days now, he went home last night (to my relief) but left again so early this morning.He will be coming late again tonight :(

I hate to be alone. I feel sad and it's gloomy. So when I saw him last night it was as if I didn't see him for a month. Call me OA but was how I felt. I keep hugging and telling him that I sooo miss him.

I guess when you're sad and you have so much stuff going on in your life (like your parents being sick), is when you mostly need someone beside you. 

Tonight I hope the clock move like a jet so I won't wait long till he comes home :)

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  1. I'm so happy your father is seeing a cardiologist. So very important. I hope the doctor will help him have a long and healthy life.

    Sorry your hubby has been away so much. Hopefully he'll be home to stay soon.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)


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