Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How's everyone?

It's been a while since my last post. My two last posts were both sad and I am so happy I have some good news to write today :)

First- my Dad is doing okay, we're done with the lab tests and he started taking his medicines prescribed by his doctor a week ago. We are glad the 2d echo yielded positive results, nothing to worry about his heart :D The meds are for his kidney which is slightly affected due to very high uric acid. Our next is a visit to a dietitian (which my father refuses to go to) and another lab test before the month end. Hopefully he will be given a clean bill of health after that.

I am so happy that despite of the financial set back ( the medicines are expensive I tell you) at least he is okay now and that he really is following the doctor's advice and is very good in his diet. No meat now for him, all fish and veggies.

God is good and we are all grateful.

How's everyone?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Appointment with the Cardiologist

My father went to the cardiologist today, The one I was able to scout with the lowest fee is from Manila Medical Center which is 10 minutes away from my sisters place (where my parents are staying).

I am glad he liked the Doctor because I think it's vital to his succeeding check-ups. Basically, his first appointment was just the normal question and answer, I wish I was there though but this was one of the days that I can't just leave the office (which sucks) good thing my eldest sister is available and  went with them.

I am also glad his lungs are okay-as per the Doctor. At least one less thing to worry about.

But he is required to do some tests, ECG, 2D Echo, blood tests and urinalysis which he will do tomorrow so he'll be able to go back to the Doctor on Saturday. We want it done sooner and earlier, prolonging it means prolonging also our worries and stress.

I really pray God will grant him more years and a healthy body.

My husband has been away for almost three days now, he went home last night (to my relief) but left again so early this morning.He will be coming late again tonight :(

I hate to be alone. I feel sad and it's gloomy. So when I saw him last night it was as if I didn't see him for a month. Call me OA but yup..it was how I felt. I keep hugging and telling him that I sooo miss him.

I guess when you're sad and you have so much stuff going on in your life (like your parents being sick), is when you mostly need someone beside you. 

Tonight I hope the clock move like a jet so I won't wait long till he comes home :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I pray

I spent my whole morning phoning hospitals and clinics asking for cardiologists, their schedules and consultation fees.I filled up at least three pages of my notebook with names and information.

The reason is - my father needed to see one.

And as I was doing that, my mind has been flying and imagining worse things and it made me feel bad and sad. You see, one of my greatest fear is losing my parents. There is no way I can be ready with that. I guess no one is.

My father has been weak since the day we picked him up from my sister's place in Bulacan. Difficulty in breathing is his major complaint. He's been in medication for years now but sad to say that he has not been to the doctor also for quite sometime.

I pray he'll get well  soon. I pray that there is nothing serious. I pray that we'll be able to send him to at least good if not the best doctor and hospital in town. I pray he'll live to see his grandkids go to college and marry :)

I pray I'll be okay and I'll stop worrying too much.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

home projects

Our house mates left yesterday, they are now settling on their new home. I felt sad because our home will be empty again most of the days since me and my husband are always out. But of course I'm happy that they have their own place now and we have our privacy back :))

We have to do a lot of clean up though and a lot of fixing :( for our small place to look and feel like home again. and I don't mind that, at least I have something to make my hands busy (except with that mouse & keypad) when I get home. And hopefully all the little home projects I've been planning to do and put up will now push through.

the hanging bookshelf...(which need to be painted)
the photo gallery wall (have to print photos and I need to find all my frames)
and a lot more..

little stuff that I can do with our small space and with little extra cost. All I need is my creativity and to brush off all the laziness in me :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hurt :(

and I need some hugs....

image source :http://www.bestglitter-graphics.com/myglitters/poems/

I hope and pray it wont take years in my case...
I'm willing to forgive and ask forgiveness and to also forget but for now..I'll rest first..
It has been a hurtful day :(

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Basha :)

We call our group "Basha" and we've been friends since we were singles and now we're all married and most have their kids na, am happy that we're still and (I'm praying) we'll always be friends!!

Basha kids :) except Rachel..pero pwede na rin :)

 we miss these cute kids though and their parents :( but we'll see you soon!!