Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Our little abode is more than full and it will be for at least two weeks. We have house mates :) and we have made our room a warehouse with all the stuff that came along with our house mates. I don't complain though, as a matter of fact I'm happy that we're able to be of help, after all it will only be for two weeks. And our house mates are people that are close to us and we love them. We gladly offered them our place even though I know it is too small to accommodate us all. Hopefully the house they're going to move in to will be ready as soon as possible because I know they aren't comfortable with the current set up too.

Anyways, one thing I love about them staying with     us is that the house became lively. While Ido love our privacy, still it gets pretty boring at times so it is a welcome change for a while that there are other people aside from me and hubby. And I started cooking again ( I think for over a month now, our stove has been for heating water only-now it's being use for cooking meal again :)

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  1. I hope you still love them after two weeks. Close quarters can be tough.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)

  2. I do hope I still love them :) because I have no choice..hahaha! we're supposed to love our in laws..:D

    Thanks Sandee!!

  3. Hi Rocks,
    You have a good heart. Blessings,


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