Saturday, June 2, 2012

Enjoying life

It's rainy Saturday here, actually stormy but that didn't stop us from going out of town to visit a friend who had miscarriage which is sad because she didn't know that she is pregnant. I can't imagine how painful it is but I'm sure it does hurt.
But for sure, God has better plans for them and that God knows what He's doing.

Guess what? we're now going to 7th year of being married and I noticed it is now less painful when I get to talk about pregnancies and babies. Unlike before that I get too emotional about it. It doesn't mean though that I am okay now not having one I still hope and pray that we will be granted one (by any means would be okay-adopted or by birth)

For now, I will just do what we do, keep on living, keep on enjoying a childless married life, travel to places if we can and last but not the least enjoy the recording session with my husband's band mates which will resume tomorrow evening. I'm sure at the end of the recording we will all gain more knowledge about music and stuff like electro-voice microphones.

I hope you are all enjoying your life too, whatever it is throwing you at the moment. And I leave you my one liner favorite quote "this too shall pass".

Have a nice weekend!! 

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