Friday, June 15, 2012

7 STEPS in PAGIBIG Housing Loan Availment

I was checking houses over the internet this afternoon and my heart goes oohh whenever I see a beautiful house that I like. Well, I also dream of having our own house someday, particularly a house that is not too big nor too small, with a wide front and back yard ( I'd love to have barbeque parties there!). And with lots and lots of natural light!

Anyways, I checked the Home Development Mutual Fund  (most commonly known as Pagibig) website because this is where I plan to course through our dream house (SOMEDAY SOON) and I found the seven steps for the housing loan; I'm taking note because I know I'll be needing this

7 STEPS in PAGIBIG Housing Loan Availment

1. Get your checklist requirements and housing loan forms (available at the Pagibig offices or at

2. Submit your housing loan application to the Pagibig Fund with comeplete requirements. pay processing fee of 1,000.00 (non refundable)

3. Receive your Notice of Approval (NOA) /Letter of Guaranty (LOG) and sign your loan

4. Accomplish your NOA requirements for the check release (90 days)

5. Submit to the Pagibig fund your NOA and complete requirements (Your loan will be ready for release within 7 working days)

6. Receive loan proceeds at the Pagibig fund 

7. Start paying your monthly amortization

Looks like it's easy no? as easy as checking business liability insurance rates  but I know it's not and it's loaded with paperworks, you need all the patience you can get up to the finish line.

And for me, well I will just enjoy looking at the houses for now :)

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