Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Our little abode is more than full and it will be for at least two weeks. We have house mates :) and we have made our room a warehouse with all the stuff that came along with our house mates. I don't complain though, as a matter of fact I'm happy that we're able to be of help, after all it will only be for two weeks. And our house mates are people that are close to us and we love them. We gladly offered them our place even though I know it is too small to accommodate us all. Hopefully the house they're going to move in to will be ready as soon as possible because I know they aren't comfortable with the current set up too.

Anyways, one thing I love about them staying with     us is that the house became lively. While Ido love our privacy, still it gets pretty boring at times so it is a welcome change for a while that there are other people aside from me and hubby. And I started cooking again ( I think for over a month now, our stove has been for heating water only-now it's being use for cooking meal again :)

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Breakfast @ McDonalds

I so love breakfast! This morning we had this as early as 5:00 am, and nope, I was not up as early as that, It's because we haven't sleep yet at that time. And before going home, we decided to drop by to McDonalds.
We both have hot chocolate , we beg off for coffee this time
Hubby had pancakes : love it too!
and my big breakfast :) muffins,sausage, mashed potato and scrambled egg

don't you love breakfast meal?? I don't know but I do. Even if days that I wake up late (like 3pm) I still eat breakfast meal :) I love fried rice, eggs, hotdogs, ham, bacon or any breakfast food :)

I'm a certified breakfast loving person.

Friday, June 15, 2012

7 STEPS in PAGIBIG Housing Loan Availment

I was checking houses over the internet this afternoon and my heart goes oohh whenever I see a beautiful house that I like. Well, I also dream of having our own house someday, particularly a house that is not too big nor too small, with a wide front and back yard ( I'd love to have barbeque parties there!). And with lots and lots of natural light!

Anyways, I checked the Home Development Mutual Fund  (most commonly known as Pagibig) website because this is where I plan to course through our dream house (SOMEDAY SOON) and I found the seven steps for the housing loan; I'm taking note because I know I'll be needing this

7 STEPS in PAGIBIG Housing Loan Availment

1. Get your checklist requirements and housing loan forms (available at the Pagibig offices or at www.pagibigfund.gov.ph)

2. Submit your housing loan application to the Pagibig Fund with comeplete requirements. pay processing fee of 1,000.00 (non refundable)

3. Receive your Notice of Approval (NOA) /Letter of Guaranty (LOG) and sign your loan

4. Accomplish your NOA requirements for the check release (90 days)

5. Submit to the Pagibig fund your NOA and complete requirements (Your loan will be ready for release within 7 working days)

6. Receive loan proceeds at the Pagibig fund 

7. Start paying your monthly amortization

Looks like it's easy no? as easy as checking business liability insurance rates  but I know it's not and it's loaded with paperworks, you need all the patience you can get up to the finish line.

And for me, well I will just enjoy looking at the houses for now :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Monitor.Thank you sister

We have a new "hand me down" LCD monitor from my sister :) super happy with it! Our bulky old monitor has finally bid us goodbye. Thank you for your service. And oh hello Mr. LCD please be good to us and don't give up on us until we are ready to replace you.

Thank you that I have a generous sister. I hope she give us cable trays also or one of their laptop someday :)

We already tried watching movie here and it was so nice! The graphics are clearer and it is bigger. I'm more excited to blog and play  my games :)

How's your weekend everyone? I hope you are all  having fun! God bless!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rachel's birthday pictures

Here are the pictures of Rachel's birthday celebration, the girl was so happy because her grandma (my mom was with us) and that she prepared all of these food we enjoyed during that day :)

lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls)


Menudo (my dad's favorite)

Biko ( rice delicacy)
and the cake was from me of course!
with her most favorite person in the whole wide world!
That picture reminded me again how old my mom is ( and that she badly needs a hair dye, actually we both do need a hair dye as I already have so many gray hairs too, got to schedule that with her sometime soon-I'm sure hair dye is not as expensive as leather furniture dye or is it? anyways I am thankful she is still healthy and that she can be with us during life's celebrations like this.


friends :D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Enjoying life

It's rainy Saturday here, actually stormy but that didn't stop us from going out of town to visit a friend who had miscarriage which is sad because she didn't know that she is pregnant. I can't imagine how painful it is but I'm sure it does hurt.
But for sure, God has better plans for them and that God knows what He's doing.

Guess what? we're now going to 7th year of being married and I noticed it is now less painful when I get to talk about pregnancies and babies. Unlike before that I get too emotional about it. It doesn't mean though that I am okay now not having one I still hope and pray that we will be granted one (by any means would be okay-adopted or by birth)

For now, I will just do what we do, keep on living, keep on enjoying a childless married life, travel to places if we can and last but not the least enjoy the recording session with my husband's band mates which will resume tomorrow evening. I'm sure at the end of the recording we will all gain more knowledge about music and stuff like electro-voice microphones.

I hope you are all enjoying your life too, whatever it is throwing you at the moment. And I leave you my one liner favorite quote "this too shall pass".

Have a nice weekend!! 

Broadband problem

Our computer at home is still not working with our broad band and I really do not know what is wrong with it. It's been a week now and I don't  think it's going to be ok soon. I'm missing a lot of my internet life already. And since I can't do facebook in the office, I have not been able to visit that too, I'm sure I'm missing some of my friends updates and news :)

I have also been missing my favorite discount sites also (I'm hoping I can get one good travel deal for us before the year ends). In short I just miss browsing the net ( not the cigar deals though and the spam mails)

It's also hard to write or work when you are not on your own computer..sigh.

Wish It will be fix sooner than I expected.