Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thoughts over a cup of coffee

I know I just posted about coffee in my last post and here I am again, telling you how I love this brand of instant coffee we recently discovered. And for a week now, I've been having coffee dates at home with my husband. Since, we are currently on rest with church activities, we have plenty of time during evenings to talk about things and stuff  over  a cup of coffee.

These coffee talks is helping me a lot in my healing process (naks!) because I was hurt and hurting for the many incidents happening around us (okay, to be honest with our church) for the past weeks.

 And I'm learning a lot of things also.

I wish I could write everything but I don't want anymore trouble than what I already have in my hands..and that I got because I said what's on my mind.

But I have to mention how friends stood up for me. And I am thankful I have them. They aren't so many but who needs many friends when they will just desert you when you are in trouble?

I have to mention also how I learned that people who doesn't know you will be among the first to judge you, then the people you thought knew you comes second :) that hurts ...but  guess what's more painful? when you learned that these are the very people that was (guess to have to make that past tense now) part of your married life, people that you look up to. People that you thought you can run on to when you have problems.

There is indeed shaking in our life and I know eventually with whatever decision we come up to, we will lose some relationships but that's the way it is eh. I can't do nothing about it.

What matters to me and my husband now is that we are learning and we are enjoying the rest. When the chaos is over, we pray that we are still with the people that we love and we treasure. And that we will have coffee breaks with them again.


  1. I also like coffee just like you.
    I will try your brand. great post as usual.

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  2. I hope this resolves itself for the better. Conflict is just a part of everyone's life now and then. We all hate it, but sometimes it's just unavoidable.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. Big healing hug. :)

  3. parang gusto ko na rin magkape ngayon kaso gabing gabi na dito. hehe
    I added your link Rocks. Thanks for adding mine sister


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