Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Happy Birthday Rachel!! 

I know you won't give up until we all give you a celebration and though the swimming you wanted did not push trough still you do have a celebration , your mom loves you that much, nope..we all love you that much. Lolo and Lola loves you so much. Imagine they came here just in time for your birthday. You are one blessed girl!! I bought you a cake as you requested and I'm sure you're happy. The school bag you're asking will follow :) You know, if  I could I'll give you whatever you wish ( hahaha! I'm such a spoiler Aunt)

I pray you remain as sweet as you are and that you'll make us all proud.  I love you! You make me happy even you are makulit most of the time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recording Session

A dream come true for my husband and his band mates, we are now officially recording all the songs composed by them and hopefully next month or so their first worship album will be released. To say that we are happy is an understatement because we are more than happy. Things just fell into place, a favor from the Lord. They've waited long enough and we know that now is the time of fulfillment of that dream. I am grateful there are people(we barely knew them) but believed so much in the gift of this band.

My husband on acoustic guitar

My brother in law on drums, he was kinda nervous but is doing good, and he has new drum set too! God is really good! Don't know though if he still need to buy Toontrack but he's fine for now :) 

some of his band mates chilling while waiting for their turn :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thoughts over a cup of coffee

I know I just posted about coffee in my last post and here I am again, telling you how I love this brand of instant coffee we recently discovered. And for a week now, I've been having coffee dates at home with my husband. Since, we are currently on rest with church activities, we have plenty of time during evenings to talk about things and stuff  over  a cup of coffee.

These coffee talks is helping me a lot in my healing process (naks!) because I was hurt and hurting for the many incidents happening around us (okay, to be honest with our church) for the past weeks.

 And I'm learning a lot of things also.

I wish I could write everything but I don't want anymore trouble than what I already have in my hands..and that I got because I said what's on my mind.

But I have to mention how friends stood up for me. And I am thankful I have them. They aren't so many but who needs many friends when they will just desert you when you are in trouble?

I have to mention also how I learned that people who doesn't know you will be among the first to judge you, then the people you thought knew you comes second :) that hurts ...but  guess what's more painful? when you learned that these are the very people that was (guess to have to make that past tense now) part of your married life, people that you look up to. People that you thought you can run on to when you have problems.

There is indeed shaking in our life and I know eventually with whatever decision we come up to, we will lose some relationships but that's the way it is eh. I can't do nothing about it.

What matters to me and my husband now is that we are learning and we are enjoying the rest. When the chaos is over, we pray that we are still with the people that we love and we treasure. And that we will have coffee breaks with them again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TLC and Coffee

Because I was so upset yesterday, the husband tried to cheer me up by making me this coffee, he tried a heart shape but he didn't get it perfect, but it's okay. This is enough and made me smile. Coffee and TLC from my ever supporting husband is what I needed and yes, it cheered me up!

here is a closer look

Thank you mahal for the effort! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alejandra Hotel in Makati

Alejandra hotel is a small (with only 27 guestroom) but new hotel along Zobel Roxas St. in Palanan,Makati City. As we were searching for nearby wedding venues, we were led to inquire with them and tonight we had the chance to see for ourselves what this hotel can offer.


 We checked the rooms and here's what it is; The studio room is P1,800.00 per night, plated breakfast included for two person It's small but I think it's very much okay for that price. But I'm sorry I have no picture of the studio room.

Anyways, here's the Suite room which is 25 square meters and with bath tub for 3,500.00 per night, breakfast also included. 2 double bed and king size bed available for you to choose from.

only the suite room has bathtub
the king size bed

But what we were there to see the skyline rooftop actually for a December wedding, the guy said this can accommodate 150 guests but i doubt it, I think it is too crowded for 150 guests.

 That's me and the bride to be (thinking if this is it!)

they also has a conference room and a resto/bar. I did not inquire for the rates though. But you may contact them here :

Telephone Number :(632) 836-1455 to 57
Email Add :
Website :

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sizzling porkchop with egg

bakit kaya pag midnight nagugutom ako at wala akong ibang magawa kundi mag post ng picture ng mga food na mas lalong nagpapagutom sa akin? :D this is from cash and carry food court lang, sizzling porkchop with egg :)Not so healthy but yummy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple vegetable dish

It's been a while since the last time I cook ( I almost forgotten how to turn on my stove) but last Saturday night, as we have been given veggies, I was kinda forced to cook it and here's what I've come up to.

  I sautéed the veggies (chinese cabbage, red bellpepper and sweet pea?)  in butter and garlic, added a pack of instant noodles with the flavoring and presto! a yummy vegetable dish in less than 10 minutes. It's actually a complete meal because of the noodles but of course we still wanted some rice :)

May makain lang kami that night - hehe!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zalora Philippines

Have you notice how Zalora ads is all over the internet (well at least here in the Philippines) I think they have yet to launch  the business and the site but it's all over the net now. I'm sure they shelled out huge budget for their marketing ads. And because I see them so often in almost all pages,  I was enticed and made few clicks and been checking them eversince..hoping to see a cheap but nice flats, but I have yet to make my first purchase with them.

I noticed they have collection of wedding shoes on their recent ads  and they are all so gorgeous!! And the wedges are all so lovely :) but I can't wear high for me.
image from zalora's site

I thought they only sell shoes but nope, they also have bags and apparels, and who knows?  maybe sooner they'll have jewelry deals of the day aside from their promos and sales :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

rainy lazy weekend

We are having a rainy weekend and no one is complaining because it's a relieve from the very warm weather for the past few weeks.

And I am welcoming much the cooler breeze.Thank you Lord. 

Well, except maybe those who have weekend plans in a beach because it's still summer here, I don't think I'll enjoy a rainy weekend in a beach :(

Good thing we have no special weekend plans, no swimming or outing. just ordinary weekend. Sometimes it feels good to just stay at home and laze around, specially when you just got back from an out of town trip and you have yet to unpack your bags. Which is what I probably do tomorrow ..later actually because it's almost 2 in the morning. Unpacking reminded me that we need reclosable bags for gadgets and wallets and whatever is in our bag that needs safekeeping. I nearly wet our camera on our last trip :(

And since I declared tomorrow as stay at home weekend, I do not have plans of getting up early nor the husband I guess because he's still up right now.

What are your plans for this weekend? Going out or staying home like us?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liliw's Tsinelas Festival

Liliw is the Tsinelas Capital of Laguna, we do frequent Liliw but mostly because of our ministries and really never had the chance to see the beauty of this small town. So yesterday after the ministry work, we decided to look around.

It so happen that the "Tsinelas (slippers) Festival" is on going and will conclude on May 6,2012. Stores that sell slippers and shoes are adorned with colorful flowers and ornaments and what else but big slippers. It was a beauty to behold :)
 and there is a tsinelas mascot :) roaming around the street also.
I thoroughly enjoyed that afternoon walk, checking every stores and guess what I found out? the smallest shoes in town!
the smallest shoe (the one in the white background-center) , so tiny you need a magnifying glass to take a good look at it :)

and for those who loves shoes, Liliw is the place to be! There are lots of bargain and sales going on there right now. The 2 hour trip from Manila will be worth it plus you'll be helping our local manufacturers of slippers :) Go na sa Liliw!