Sunday, April 15, 2012

Europa Mansionette Inn, Cebu City

We stayed in Europa Mansionette in Cebu on our last night,we booked 2 rooms and this was because of the metrodeal voucher bought by my friend for only 745 per room, good for 2 paersons with breakfast, not bad di ba? And of course, like what I always do, i take pictures and blog, because pictures taken by someone who stayed in someplace is always better (in terms of reality) than what you can see from their website.

I was satisfied with the room because of the discounted price, it's old but it's clean. Below is our room

queen size bed

in our room the aircon is working well but not in my friend's room so they have to transfer them in the middle of the night due to broken aircondition
the CR- I find it a bit small but again with the price it's a OK 
this is where you can have your breakfast but we opted to have it in our room  instead
going to veranda which I think is nice except that it is not being  maintained, seats are not clean, and there are  scattered whatevers around :(  it will also be nice if they add more outdoor chaise lounge chairs here

the ceiling (I loved the design)

looks like a queen's crown turned upside down :) it's a chandelier in the dining area

the reception area
One thing I didn't like about them though is this incident,

we were trying to get one more room in their regular price because another couple is with us that night, of course I was trying to get the cheapest one (1,200) because we will only sleep and leave for the airport the next morning, one lady said, yes and that they will just ready the room but another lady came and said there was no available room in that category and said that the only available room is the de luxe which is 1,800.00 to my dismay :( anyways, we didn't get the room and have the  couple shared the room with us which for the reason I do not know they did not allow at first,  even if we reiterated that we will pay the additional fee for each person which is by the way 300.00, they said the room is too small for 4 persons and guess what? they  said that the 2 persons can stay with us provided the other one will have to be in another room (really I did not get the logic there) so they set up  two separate extra beds in both rooms even if we insisted that they don't need to set up another one in the other room because the two will only stay in one room.

to cut the story short, when they learned that the aircon in the other room is not working, they transferred them into the same room that the lady said earlier is being ready  for us but later wasn't available na. and of course the couple stayed with us in our room and we paid 600.00 additional (they should have given that room to us and paid them 1,200 pesos which I think is more beneficial to them di ba?)

oh well, our sleepover is pretty much good and the breakfast is okay and again due to the discounted price, I can still say it's still a good deal  for us.

But if you're getting it at the regular price, think twice first and check the location because it is quite far from the city proper. Exact location is at M.L. Quezon St., Cabancalan, Cebu City and the hotel is not in the main road.

Did I have a taste of Europe? I can't say that because I've never been to Europe :)

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