Thursday, April 19, 2012

Employee Monitoring Software

Ever since I learned the rope of blogging and knew the potential of working and earning from working at home I've been wanting to get into that. I tried but I guess the lack of time (since I still have a day job (at least 10 hours a day spent in the office) I wasn't able to give it a serious try. At first, I was wondering how'd they do it and how their employees know if they are working in the specific given time to work and how do they make sure that they are really are working and not playing games in facebook. (hahaha! I’ll be that one probably)

Of course I know now that there are companies that do provide an Employee Monitoring Software, A friend who have a short stint in that kind of job was actually annoyed that whenever she opens her laptop she’s being seen by her boss, as in every activity she does, he knows.

Oh well, I guess it should be that way for employers with remote employees, they are just making sure that every cents being paid is worth it. Anyways, if you are an employer with employees in remote areas and you want to monitor them, this Employee Monitoring Software might be the one you need, you can control your employees from anywhere, now that’s pretty convenient right? It’s currently on beta so it’s free. I find it so user friendly and you need not be a techy savvy to operate it, there is actually a step by step guide and for sure you’ll not get lost in the site.

Sometimes I still find it creepy that someone from somewhere can see what I am actually doing when I sit in front of my computer (made possible by such Employee Monitoring Software) aren't you? But as I have said earlier, employers needed that and I'll do the same if ever. After all I wouldn't want to be wasting my money to someone that is not working at all.


  1. This has been around for years and there have been many employees terminated for doing personal work at the office. I think it's a good thing, but it is a bit creepy.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Protecting your small business is just one of the many reasons why having an employee monitoring software is important nowadays.
    Our company have been using an accurate and reliable monitoring tool that's called, Time Doctor. It's a must for us, especially because we're a remote team. Aside from protecting the company, it also helps motivates us (the employees) to focus on work, be productive and avoid the usual internet distractions that will eat a lot of our work hours.

  3. Very deep insight! I agreed with the opinions that have been shared here on employee monitoring software. Advance employee tracking software always improves the productivity of employees and thus it is very profitable to invest in such software thereby.

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