Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cupacakes :)

Barbie cupcakes, they weren't only nice and beautiful to look at but they are also delicious. I do not have a sweet tooth but this one is not that sweet so I enjoyed them much.
these pokemon cupcakes are also cute, I wish I had a close up photos of them though 

Years ago, cupcakes are rarely known and present in most occasions, but now, it's in every celebrations you can think of, birthdays, weddings, or even small family/friends gathering. And I'm so amazed how cupcakes developed from simple and plain cupcake into beautiful and work of art design cupcakes.And not only that, you can now also send birthday cupcakes on line and don't you love that? no hassle, order and delivered right in your doorstep or to the venue of your party.Will have to try that someday :)

A friend is having  party for her daughter (1st birthday) and guess what, she ordered cupcakes too! 

Do you also have cupcakes on your occasions? what do you prefer? chocolate or mocha or vanilla?


  1. I've not had a cupcake in years, so no. No little kids parties anymore either. I miss them too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I'll have a chocolate one. Thanks.

    Have a terrific weekend. :)


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